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True Self-Love Is Having The Courage To Walk Away From Anything That Doesn’t Make You Happy

The Beauty And The Pain Of Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Be someone who is brave enough to walk away from anything and anyone that doesn’t serve your highest good.

Be someone who is strong enough to leave a toxic relationship behind and not look back. Someone who is aware that staying with someone who doesn’t appreciate you is only going to bring you pain and you love yourself enough to protect your heart. 

Be someone who cuts off anyone who doesn’t respect you. Be a person who says NO to any kind of manipulation and someone taking you for granted. 

Be someone who will break up with anyone who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself because you know your worth and you want someone who will make you a better person. 

Be someone who walks away from family and friends who always take from you, and never give.

Be a badass person who always stands up for yourself.

Please, don’t be a person who stays and accepts less than what you deserve. Have the courage to leave behind anyone and anything that is toxic to your soul.

Remove yourself from family members that bring you down and friendships and partnerships that take you for granted.

Don’t forgive, forget, and give second chances. Be a person who forgives, forgets, and moves on with her life.

Because too often we accept poor treatment because we don’t want to lose certain people. We forget all about our boundaries for the sake of our relationships with people that we love.  

However, you may think that you are taking the high road, but you are not doing any favor to yourself.

Please, be a person who knows what you deserve and doesn’t settle for anything less than that.

Someone who proudly walks away from everything that makes you feel sad.

Be courageous enough to walk away in order to move towards happiness and fulfillment.

Walk away to find yourself again.

Walk away to create your own life.

Walk away because you won’t let anyone destroy your integrity and clarity of mind.

Mary Wright