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Treat Everyone As A Brother Or Sister Because We Are All Children Of God


Finding fault in others is the easiest thing in life. Most of us humans are so prone to criticize, judge, assume, get angry, and hold grudges for a long time. It is so easy to get lost in our negative thinking and feeling sorry for ourselves without thinking about anyone else.

It’s easier for us to think that the colleague who received a bonus and a raise didn’t deserve those things. It’s easier for us to say that the woman who raised her voice is a bad and crazy person. It’s easier for us to say that someone with past traumas can never heal. It’s easier to say all these things and be negative than love them and accept them for who they are.

Remember that God loves us all. He loved Peter who denied Him three times. He loved Paul who was a harasser, murderer, and persecutor of Christians. He loved Rahab who was a prostitute. He loved King David who was a deceptor, adulterer, and murderer. And because He loved them, they changed and they saved themselves.

And now imagine what would happen if you just love someone regardless of who they are as a person. What if for a moment you don’t care about someone past mistakes, character faults, and past, and just loved them. Because everyone has a story and if they are loved regardless, they will shine and will become their best selves.

God teaches us that love is the greatest commandment of all. That we don’t live truly if we don’t love Him with all your heart, mind, and soul. And loving others as you love yourself.

You see, no one is perfect. I am not perfect. You are not perfect. But our forgiving God picks us up whenever we fall. He speaks to us, but sometimes we ignore His words. Sometimes, we even question His existence and our faith fails. Yet, He loves us and forgives us because we are His sons and daughters.

We worry about trivial things. We only think about ourselves. We worry about work, we worry what others think of us… but what if instead of worrying, we accepted ourselves and others truly? What if instead of rushing we take it day by day?

Open your heart. Pray. Pray for others and for other people. Say hello to your neighbor. Smile at strangers. Compliment someone. Be generous to someone who has less than you. Make conversation. Pay for someone’s meal. Be selfless and loving.

We are all children of God. Let’s love us and treat one another as brothers and sisters.

Mary Wright