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Toxic People Would Never Admit To Their Mistakes Let Alone Apologize For Their Behavior

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A toxic person will give you many things – arguments, criticism, request, negativity – however, the one thing that a toxic person won’t ever give to you is an apology.

And even if you are one of the “lucky” ones to hear a toxic person apologize to you, then you should know that they have an ulterior motive behind their apology. They say they are sorry in order to manipulate you and take advantage of you.

A toxic person never admits they have made a mistake let alone apologizes for their behavior. Even if every proof is against them, they will always shift the blame on others.

Why do they do this? Why they never take responsibility for their actions? Normal people know that we are not perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but that’s the problem with toxic people – they actually think they are perfect. They genuinely feel that they aren’t doing anything wrong.

According to them, it is always someone else’s fault for them behaving that way. If you caught them cheating, they would accuse you that you are not giving them enough pleasure in the bedroom. Or, they will blame it on the alcohol, or the other person who seduced them. But they will never say that they made a mistake and they are sorry.

And if you decide to call them out on their inexplicable behavior, you will soon regret saying anything to them because you will end up apologizing to them. They will manipulate you into feeling guilty for being ungrateful and blaming them for something they did. And they do this by making you feel like it is your fault that they have behaved that way.

Loving a toxic person is hard. Falling in love with them at the beginning is easy and quick because of their mesmerizing charm and attractive nature, but afterward, you will need a lot of time and energy to leave them because they will have you bound to their toxicity.

You will need an immense amount of energy to deal with them, and you won’t get anything in return. These people can’t change. In fact, they never try to change because, in their mind, they are already perfect as they are.

They are the smartest, the most beautiful, the funniest, the most successful… the best. So, if you ever dare to accuse them of something, they will blame you. Because according to them, you are the one that is pulling them down.

If you find yourself involved with a toxic person, walk away. Because if you are hoping that things will change – they won’t. They may try to make you stay by making you feel bad about leaving them, but don’t worry, they will leave you alone as soon as they find another person to manipulate.

Mary Wright