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Toby, A Cat With Rare Condition Is So Happy When He Gets Adopted Together With His Best Friend


The moment Georgina Price met Toby she thought he was adorable. She immediately took him home with her together with his best friend.

Toby is a 6-year-old cat but he looks older and wiser beyond his age due to his rare condition. He is diagnosed with feline cutaneous asthenia (FCA), a condition that makes his skin extremely loose and fragile and more susceptible to bruises. This condition is known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome in people and it means that the body is not producing collagen properly and therefore it scars very easily.


Fortunately, Toby’s condition didn’t stop Georgina from falling in love with him and adopting him together with his best friend Quinton.


“I saw them on the RSPCA website and fell in love instantly,” Georgina said. “When we met them, they were both terrified and huddled right at the back. Toby just hid behind Quinton the whole time, trembling. I didn’t even get to touch him because he was just so scared.”


When the people from the shelter took them in, they were in really bad shape. Toby had a few teeth extracted while they had to remove all of Quinton’s teeth. The two friends were always together for each other and they survived everything together. That’s why the people from the shelter decided they need to be adopted together.

When Georgina and her fiancé first saw them, they immediately knew those two adorable cats were the ones that they will take home with them and give them all the love and security they need.


They quickly filled out the paperwork which made Toby and Quinton a part of their family. But it took some time until they got accustomed to their new environment.

“We had to feed them under the bed and they didn’t come out unless we were out of the house or asleep. Eventually, they began to trust us but it was slow.”


At first, Toby followed Quinton everywhere, seeing him as his protector until he finally started feeling comfortable on his own. That was during the time he discovered cuddles.

Quinton still behaves like his big brother and takes care of him when he hurts himself.


“They wait in the window for us to get home and run to the door when they see us. They’re so playful and fun. They bring such life to the place,” said Georgina.


Because of his condition, Toby needs special care. They manage to keep him safe from scratches by regularly trimming his nails and keeping the house clean.

Toby and Quinton are very loved and they are very happy to have found the forever home they always wanted. And Georgina and her fiancé are also very happy to have them in their life.

Watch this lovely video of Toby.

Mary Wright