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To Every Man Who Ever Wanted To Suppress Me – I’m A Woman, Hear Me Roar!


I am a fighter.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always defended my rights. From a very young age, I was referred to as a little warrior who had the desperate need to bring justice into every segment of life.

A warrior that didn’t even know what the definition of justice means, but had a very clear preview of what injustice actually feels like. What it tastes like.

Whether it was a silly fight between me and my cousin, unequal treatment between me and my schoolmates, an unfair childish game, segregation, superiority, and inequity were parts of my everyday life I truly despised, even though as a 10-year-old child I didn’t quite understand them.

So, I will be honest with you. The article you are about to dive into is a subject I’ve always fought for. And, lately, I’ve been so inspired to spill my rant all over the place, that I decided it is finally time to do it.

This goes to every man who ever wished to put down a woman. Every man who ever wanted to show a woman “her place”. Every man who ever despised the empowering women’s movement. Every man who ever felt like it’s perfectly fine to sexualize women by whistling at them on the street.

Every man who ever tried to assault or touch a woman without her consent. Every man who ever referred to us women as the “more sensitive” gender. Every employer who denied a woman’s right to a job simply because she carried a child. Every boyfriend who felt entitled to decide whether his girlfriend can come out and see her friends.

Every husband who come home drunk and beat the living hell out of his voiceless and terrified wife. Every man who ever tried to set the double standard in the relationship. Every man who ever perceived women as nothing but reproductive machines. Every man who felt entitled enough to disrespect a woman’s right to freedom.

Every man who manipulates, insults, underrates, shouts at, abuses his woman and gets away with it.

I am a woman, so HEAR ME ROAR.

I am the same human being as you. I am the same flesh and blood. I carry emotions in my heart. I have visions of the world. I have ideas. I have a plan. I know my worth. I am aware of my abilities. I have passions I long to pursue. I work hard. I have a pounding heart. I have a fresh blood flowing through my veins. And I am alive.

I am not your thing. I am not your object. I am not your sex toy. And I am certainly not your one-night stand.

No, I didn’t ask for your sexual and offensive comments because I decided to wear my dress instead of my pants. And no, I won’t be afraid to wear whatever I want. That doesn’t make me a less of a woman.

I will date whomever I want, I will eat whatever I want, I won’t be ashamed of yours or society’s expectations of the perfect female figure. I won’t be scared to compete against a whole crowd of man. I won’t be afraid to stand my ground and fight man’s desperate need for domination. I will do my best to change this world’s perspective once and for all.

I promise that as long as I live and breathe, I’ll never let you turn me into a useless marionette. For as long as my heart beats and for as long as my soul and body are one, I won’t let you take away my rights.

I will rage and fight, but you’ll never take away my freedom.

Because I am a woman, I am strong, and I am invincible – Hear me roar!

Image: Ma_Co2013

Stephanie Reeds