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To All The People Who Have Given Their Heart Away And Never Got Anything In Return


Dear people who’ve given everything but never got anything in return,

This goes out to you…

I know the feeling. I’m one of you. In my life, I’ve lived through many one-sided relationships. Frankly, there were too many disappointments in my life for me to now care about anything other than myself.

Some of you may label me as too self-absorbed, but honestly, I don’t care. Because not all of you out there know the feeling of watching the person you love more than anything in the world leaving you.

There’s simply nothing more heart-breaking then loving someone who cannot love you the same. The feelings of sorrow and despair cannot be put into words. At least mine can’t.

You go through life thinking that everything is going great for you, you find a person whose souls matches yours, and then all of a sudden, the person you’ve always put first, the one you believed with all of your heart and soul, stops loving you.

Tell me, what’s more tragical?

The fact that they’ve stopped loving you?

Or that they probably never even loved you in the first place?

Either way, the loss is too much to handle. You’ve just lost the only thing in your life that you believed was real, so nothing that happens to you next really matters. The only thing your mind, heart, and soul are focused on is your tragedy.

However, the reality remains the same. And the only thing you can ever change is your point of view of the things we’re experiencing.

So, listen.

I know it has been hard for you. It has been painful for me as well. But you need to leave those destructive relationship patterns once and for all. You need to stop obsessing about the same thing over and over again. The reason why all of this is happening to you is because you have a certain lesson to learn.

So, tell me, why are you still holding on to the past?

Can’t you see that it is tearing you apart?

Can’t you see that you’re a mess?

You are wasting your precious time yearning for a person who will never love you the way you deserve to be loved.  You are giving your energy away to something that will never make it. You are working against yourself. You are questioning yourself whether you’re good enough for anyone. You keep doubting your potential.

STOP. Just, stop it already. And please… Walk away. Turn your back on everything that doesn’t help you evolve and never ever look back. Run until your knees hurt. Run free and dive into the possibilities only the future holds.

It will hurt like hell but going back there will never help you. It will sting as a sharp needle stuck inside your skin, but it will your greatest lesson in life. “Change is inevitable.”

So, to all of you out there who have given everything away, but never got anything in return, don’t give up. I know that you’re struggling. And I know that you’re feeling hopeless. But holding on to something that is simply not meant for you, is much like drinking poison. You may satisfy your thirst for the moment, but in the long run, it will destroy you.

Let go of the things that hurt you, focus on loving yourself and everything else will fall into place.

It gets better.

I promise.

Stephanie Reeds