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To All The Friends I’ve Lost, Thank You


Very few people stay in your life forever. Somehow though, when I become so close to someone, I could never imagine my life without them again. Inevitably, at some point, I can stop trying to imagine, because they drift away from me in the end.

Of course, I’m sad about all the people I’ve lost, but I’m not bitter. More than anything else, I’m just grateful for it all. I just want to say to all the friends I’ve lost, thank you.

Thank You for All The Joy You Brought Me

I could pretend that it doesn’t hurt that we won’t be making any more memories together, but I don’t want to lie. We had so much fun together during the time that we had. We laughed, we cried, we were there to pick each other up when we were feeling down. No matter what, I wouldn’t take any of that back.

I truly wish that you could still be here to make me smile when it feels like I can’t. Although like in all friendships, we got on each other nerves sometimes, most of the time, you just made me happy. That means so much more to me than you could ever know.

Thank You For Understanding Me

When no one else was there for me, you always were. You were my beacon in the dark when it felt like everything around me was so hopeless. I know that it’s so easy for me to overthink things, but you always managed to pull me out of it. In spite of all my dark moods and gloominess, you always tried to understand me and who I really was.

You may be gone from my life now, but despite that, you taught me so much that I will carry with me for years to come. The biggest lesson that you gave me was showing me how to understand myself better. That’s something I could never have done without you by my side to show me how. I’ll take that knowledge with me wherever I may go in life next.

Thank You For Showing Me How to Be Better

Let’s be honest, no one is perfect. Everyone has their flaws and I definitely have my fair share of them. Perhaps I may have a few more than others that I really need to address. Although I wish I could say that friends just come and go, you didn’t all go because of fate. Sometimes, I drove you away, and I can see that now.

Thank you for leaving so that I would have to take a long, hard look at myself. I’ve learned that I’m not as much of a saint as I thought that I was. Because I lost you, I can see clearly now what I need to change about myself. I now know how to be a better person and how to be a better friend.

They say that everyone you meet is either a blessing or a lesson, but I say that friends are both. Not only do they bless you with all the time they give you, but they also teach you more about yourself in the process. Although many of my friends have long gone, I will always be thankful for all that they have given me.

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.”

– Hubert H. Humphrey

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Eva Jackson