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8 Signs That You Have The Greatest Best Friend


What is life without a best friend to share it with? They’re a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, and someone to share all of life’s happiest moments with. Without these wonderful people by our sides, we’d be lost.

Some friends come and go, but when you find that one person who you connect with more than anyone else, you can be sure that it will last. Here are 8 signs that you have the greatest best friend.

1. They Always Pick Up Their Phone to You

They don’t screen your calls or texts to see if it’s worth their time. When they see your name pop up on their phone, they immediately answer to you. If you need them, you can easily reach them.

2. Their Home is Your Home

Whenever you visit their place, it feels like you never even left yours. They always make you feel comfortable in their home. You could walk around in your underwear or make yourself some food from their fridge and they wouldn’t have any problems with it.

3. They Join in on Your Excitement

Sometimes, amazing things happen to us, but we have no one to share our excitement with. Your best friend will always be just as pumped as you are when something amazing happens to you. Of course, you feel the same about their excitement too.

4. They Keep You in Check

Although they will always join in on your happiness, they know how to keep you in check. If you get over-enthusiastic about something, they will reel you back in. You don’t mind though because you know that they just want to make sure that you don’t end up getting hurt.

5. There’s No Such Thing as TMI

You tell each other absolutely everything. From gross stories to weird sex questions, there’s nothing that you’re afraid to say to them. You know that they’ll never judge you for anything that you say, and you won’t judge them either.

6. You’ll Defend Each Other From Anyone

No one would ever dare talk crap about you in front of your friend. They’ll defend your honor from their grave if they have to. If someone tried to say something bad about them to you, you’d do the same as well.

7. You Can Ugly Cry in Front of Them

There’s no shame in crying in front of your best friend, even ugly crying. I’m talking big tears, mascara covering your face, and a runny nose. If you cry in front of them, the only thing that they’ll care about is comforting you.

8. You Can Be Yourselves Around Each Other

We sometimes put on a mask for the people in our lives. When you’ve found an amazing best friend, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can be your true self in front of them, flaws and all.

Life is so much better when you find your truest friend. They make your whole world so much more fun and full of love. Don’t take them for granted. Remember to appreciate them every day because finding a friendship this good is rare.

Share this with your best friend and let them know how much they mean to you.

Eva Jackson