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To All Of My Strong, Badass Ladies: Don’t Ever Apologize For These Things


Dear boss ladies, fearless warriors, badass women, you make this world go round.

You are the reason why we keep fighting. You are the light in the darkness. The motivation that keeps us going. The people who bring back our lost hopes and dreams.

But, no matter how much people try to put you down and make you feel worthless, never stop fighting. I know that sometimes it is hard to persevere in this cruel world.

So, please. Stay true to yourself and never apologize …

For being too strong.

They have no idea what you’ve been through. They don’t know the depths of your soul, dear. They’ve never experienced the hell you survived. They simply don’t know your struggle. They think they can judge your book by its cover, but they’re mistaken. Don’t ever let them underestimate you. I know how much you’ve suffered. You deserve everything and more.

For loving yourself more than anything else in the world.

Don’t ever let them convince you that what you’re doing is selfish. You are all you’ve got. Loving and appreciating yourself doesn’t make you arrogant. It doesn’t make you self-absorbed. It shows that you’re capable of accepting yourself with all of your flaws and imperfections. And that is something truly remarkable. Especially since not all of us know what self-love is. Stay in your magic darling. Don’t let envious people grind you down.

For being brave and loud.

They will always judge. They will always hate on you. That shouldn’t be an obstacle for you. You can never be too loud if you’re standing up for your rights and the rights of all the women in the world. And believe me, you aren’t too loud. They simply don’t want to hear everything you have to say.

For chasing your wildest dreams instead of sacrificing your life on his goals.

Listen to me. You are the only person who is responsible for yourself. You are the only creator of your life. Don’t ever let another person tell you what you shouldn’t or should do in your life. That decision is up to you. You have dreams to chase. If someone is forcing, you to give up your life for them, they don’t love you. Don’t ever apologize for walking your journey.

For being different.

You are an amazing human being with a peculiar, fragile heart. You were never made to fit in a box. You weren’t born to be accepted by every person and live according to those boring, conformist rules. You were born to make a difference. To let people, know that differences matter. That differences and flaws make us human. The fact that people find you too intimidating is not your fault. They don’t know how to handle your bright fire. They’re scared of what they don’t understand. They are too afraid that they might get burnt. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to apologize.

You stay exactly who you are. The people who vibrate on the same frequency as yours will recognize the light inside that beautiful soul.

They will see the real you.

Stephanie Reeds