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What Type Of Empath Are You?


Being an empath in an insensitive world full of difficult, overpowering, aggressive, and loud people can be both a blessing and a curse. Many of us, empaths, are often regarded as being overly sensitive and emotional and we’re often taken advantage of. But, we have a power. We have a gift.

We have a gift that enables us to look beyond the superficial appearances of people and collect emotional, psychological, and physical information from our surroundings which is usually inaccessible to the average mind. This allows us to better understand, protect, and heal the people around us.

If you’re an empath like me, then you’re already familiar with the following experiences all empaths share.

-You feel and absorb other people’s feelings and state of mind as if they were your own.

-When someone close to you experiences physical pain, you can feel their pain in your body.

-You’re an amazing listener.

-People regularly come to you with their problems.

-Children and animals gravitate towards you.

-Violence, cruelty, and all kinds of aggressive behavior are unbearable to you.

-You often struggle with mental and physical exhaustion.

-You often need to spend some time alone so as to disconnect from everything and everyone, recharge your batteries, and refresh.

-You’re prone to frequent mood swings during the day.

-You can’t stand entering in conflict with other people because this is very overwhelming and negative for you.

-You avoid social events which involve a lot of people and loud places because they are draining for you and make you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed.

While being an empath has many advantages, sometimes it can stress us out and make us feel confused, disoriented, and even anxious. That’s the reason why it’s important for us to know what type of empath we are.

There are 8 types of empaths, each with their own specific qualities and talents. By identifying what kind of empath you are, you’ll understand yourself better and learn how to make the most of your gift while still taking care of yourself.

These are the 8 types of empaths:

1. Emotionally receptive empath

This is the most common type of empaths. An emotional empath can easily sense the emotions of others and feel the effects of those emotions as if they were their own. For example,  when a person is happy, they’ll be happy too. When a person is angry, they can feel strong feelings of anger moving through every part of their body.

Emotional empaths need to learn to make a difference between their own emotions from those of others. In this way, they’ll be able to help other people without becoming emotionally and physically exhausted.

2. Physically receptive empath

These empaths are able to experience the bodily pains and illnesses of those around them, and they often intuitively know what kind of health problem someone has without having to be told.

This is often manifested in the empath’s own body and can be an especially useful skill in healing. That’s why this kind of empaths are also known as medical empaths.

3. Claircognizant empath

A claircognizant or intuitive empath gains information about a person just by being around them. All they need is one glance at someone and they’ll know everything about them.

These empaths read the energy of other people, which enables them to detect when someone is lying to them and has bad intentions. They also know when something is right to do.

So, if you’re an intuitive empath, you need to surround yourself with people you agree with and share similar opinions, attitudes, and values. You also need to be careful when feeling and internalizing the emotions and thoughts of others because being constantly bombarded with these, can greatly overwhelm and stress you out.

4. Fauna empath

Almost all empaths experience a connection of some form with animals, but for a fauna empath, this is on a far deeper level. This type of empaths can hear, feel, and interact with animals. They will know what an animal needs and they may be able to telepathically communicate with the animal.

If you’re a fauna empath, I’m sure you already spend a lot of time with animals. You may also find that studying the biology and psychology of animals can help you refine your gift. You may even work with animals, whether as a veterinarian or in animal shelters.

5. Medium empath 

A medium empath is able to connect with the spirit world because they can feel, see, and hear spirits.  Empaths who possess this gift are often pulled into the spotlight by the general public because they’re curious about their ability to communicate with the spirits of deceased people.

These empaths can feel when a spirit makes active attempts to communicate in order to relay a message back to those they have left behind.

6. Precognitive empath.

This type of empaths can sense the occurrence of an event or situation before it actually happens. This is usually manifested in their dreams, or as emotional or physical sensations, such as excitement, fear, or anxiety.

7. Geomantic empath.

A geomantic empathy is also known as place or environmental empathy.  These empaths are able to read signals and energy transmitted by the earth. They feel like they’re connected with certain places for no apparent reason, and some of them are even able to feel natural disasters before they happen.

So, if you feel happy, fulfilled, and comfortable in nature, you may be a geomantic empath.  And as such, the chances are you’ll need to spend some time alone in nature to recharge your batteries.

It’s also important for you to make your place as comfortable, harmonious, and beautiful as you can by using natural materials, scents, and plants. Additionally, if you’re a part of environmental projects, this can be healing and relaxing for you.

8. Telepathic empath.

Have you ever felt like you knew what the other person would say next? Well, if your answer is yes, then you know what I’m talking about.

The empath who possesses this gift can accurately read a person’s unexpressed thoughts.

What kind of empath are you? Tell us in the comment section below.

Riley Cooper