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Tips To Sugar Dating for New “Babies”


To say sugar dating is an unusual method of forming a relationship is being somewhat conservative. Neither individual looking for this connection is looking for a partner in terms of a conventional commitment.

While the experience is both rewarding and satisfying for each person, it is for less traditional reasons than the average couple would find a relationship fulfilling with their significant other.

The concept involves mature entrepreneurial men who desire to invest money and time into young, beautiful women who will answer their every need but with virtually no strings attached.

Some consider the idea of dating someone for the sole purpose of receiving gifts and money, especially if that involves sex, as less than kosher. Others feel these are adults with full (consensual) knowledge of the dating guidelines; if they do not have an issue with their relationship, it is genuinely no one else’s place to offer an opinion. And they would be correct.

Plus, these partnerships can last for months, sometimes years. Nothing is saying the two will not end up surprised to find that they develop stronger feelings than they anticipate, desiring a committed relationship, though generally, that is not the goal.

So, how does a new “baby” prepare to meet a sugar daddy when tradition is not in order? Let us look at a few tips. 

Tips For Beginner Sugar Babies

When you go on sugar dating sites looking for a sugar daddy, the intention is to find a mature, handsome and successful man who can spend significant amounts wining, dining, and gifting you. It is less about conventional dating and more about exchanging your time and anything the gentleman requires for their attention and money.

Since the concept is less about traditional dating and more about an “arrangement,” some babies new to the sites are not sure how to prepare for meeting their “daddy.” Check out a few steps you should follow to get you set on your path into sugar dating.

●     What is it you hope to achieve with this dating partnership?

All sugar babies have a financial incentive, whether it be to obtain a new home, purchase a car, pay off student loans. Regardless of the purpose, no baby can meet up with a potential daddy and request cash upfront. That is probably illegal for one, plus it’s rude and lacks respect for yourself.

The idea behind sugar dating is not prostitution. When meeting with a potential mate, you might approach it as an investment opportunity in young person’s life. Honesty is always appreciated and respected.

It is essential not to enter a relationship until you have an idea of what you genuinely want, which will lead you to an amount that you hope to receive, allowing you to search for a person who can accommodate that need.

●     Be realistic when it comes to your end results.

There is a vision of sugar daddies that comes primarily from cinema, where the girl is pampered with gifts and flown to tropical locations for luxurious dinners. Unfortunately, that is not so much like reality. It is not impossible. Perhaps, in some sugar dating situations, that does occur, but likely not in many.

It is essential to prepare yourself upfront for the realities of these dating situations before entering into the relationship, or there could be an inevitable disappointment.

The cold hard facts of a sugar baby situation are that most babies will determine an amount they require every week and then figure what would be a value at a high level and the minimum and how it compares to others on the various sites.

You want to learn what the market looks like for sugar baby services, where you anticipate your limits, where you place your worth for the services you intend and adjust what you expect from this sort of arrangement so that there is no disappointment for anyone involved. See here on how to get a sugar daddy to pay up.

●     Make sure to put time and money into yourself.

A sugar daddy expects a specific look for his baby – young, beautiful, sexy. That means you will need to ensure that your hair, skin, nails, and makeup are always precise. If you cannot do it to perfection, you’ll need to invest in having it done professionally, plus buy new clothes, so there’s never a time that you look the same.

Initially, if your profile picture looks haggard, no daddy will respond. It is critical to have the most glamorous photo to show what they can anticipate as your mate. A professional photographer should take multiple shots from which you should choose a few to include in your profile.

It would be best not to fear the costs you are accruing since, ultimately, someone else will be paying the bills.

●     Make sure you know what sugar daddies expect.

If you are not familiar with the sugar daddy lifestyle and what they go onto the sugar dating sites to achieve, you must do a little research to learn. The ultimate goal for most of these mature men is to get sex.

These are men of a mature age looking for young, beautiful partners with whom they can have a relationship, possibly sexual, in exchange for their time and money. They anticipate that their needs will be met in that for any event, they will have a glamorous, gorgeous woman on their arm to give the illusion they are virile and powerful.

Some prefer avoiding sex, instead, preferring companionship or someone to escort them to varied events and occasions where they need to make a specific impression.

As the sugar baby, it is up to you to determine what you are willing to do for the investment and then find a partner that will match those specific requirements. If sex is off the table, make sure to look for someone on the sites whose only interest is companionship.

●     Make the necessary arrangements before setting up the initial meeting.

Before you actually set up the initial meeting, you must determine the details of the arrangement to see if you are both on the same page. A sugar baby does not want to feel as though they are in a prostitute-type situation. No one wants to feel like they are standing on the corner.

Fortunately, either participant can put an end to the arrangement whenever it feels uncomfortable. Each is looking to merely spend time with another individual with the sugar baby, hoping to find someone who recognizes their value.

In saying that, it is essential that you ensure the chosen person understands thoroughly the expectations surrounding the connection before there is an initial date.

That way, you can hope there is nothing unanticipated that goes on during the first encounter. If something does not turn out the way you want, walk away immediately.

●     Make sure to maintain decorum even if you are not getting the dating landscape you anticipated.

The sugar dating partnership is nothing that is a guarantee. Either person has the opportunity to change their mind if things aren’t going the way they had desired from the beginning.

You do want to set up the guidelines early as to how you anticipate things flowing; the sugar daddy does not have to agree with your ideas. In a daddy’s eyes, casual relationships can mean numerous things.

It is wise when the rules are being established to get their take on what they see for the partnership’s future. Do not believe you can manipulate the situation or become in some way possessive of your mate. A sugar daddy will have more control than you might think.

●     Social media is not a place to share details of your daddy.

Most daddies will want their sugar dating to remain discreet with the possibility of a girlfriend or even a wife in the picture. That means there should be no posting on social media of dating woes.

Your role needs to remain generic with no partiality or judgment. A daddy will walk away if there are public postings on a social site regarding your interaction. Find out the dos and don’ts of taking on the sugar baby role at https://www.lausddaily.net/the-dos-and-donts-of-becoming-a-sugar-baby-how-to-stay-safe/


●     Judgment has no place on these sites or within your relationship.

The idea with a baby and daddy relationship is that a sugar baby will check out the varied profiles on a dating site to find a daddy in the local area who has the potential to meet specific financial needs.

It is essential to not settle on the first person who answers your profile but rather review each you intend to check out carefully. You will find many opponents to this form of dating with the idea that it is immoral since they don’t understand the concept. That is not something with which you need to bother yourself.

Some people need to judge every move people make for one reason or another and feel they have a right to do so. As long as two people are making consensual, well-thought-out decisions, it is in their right to date anyone they choose under any circumstances. In this situation, each person is exchanging needs with the other, one of whom happens to have financial advantages for which the other has that need.

In exchange, the other individual offers their time, companionship, and fortune of a pleasant appearance. No one is forced into any arrangement for which they do not want to participate but instead enjoys mutual respect, fulfillment, and entertainment.

Final Thought

While some people might not agree with the concept of sugar dating, they do not need to. These sites are meant for grown adults with a consensual understanding of the platform and a desire to participate in satisfying another person’s needs in a way in which only this sort of dating app allows.

For sugar babies, it is essential to prepare adequately to ensure you understand the concept and have your goals lined out before attempting to find a sugar daddy. From that point, it is merely a matter of achieving a level of mutual respect, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

Felicia Wilson