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4 Simple Prayers for Peace and Strength During Trying Times


As we face these challenging times in this sinful world together, let us acknowledge the Lord’s abundant mercy and let God’s peace reign until the end of the world. Find rest and inner peace in the arms of our Father, and let your anxious thoughts fade away as you go along with your everyday life with these prayers for peace and strength.

While you can listen to soothing music, you can also allocate one moment of your time to utter your powerful prayers, especially when you worry constantly. Allow your troubled heart to find peace with our divine master with these prayers.

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A Serenity Prayer to Find Happiness and Peace of mind

Dear Lord,

As the sun rises, bring peace and happiness to our lives and allow not our human understanding to be our only guide in our whole life. Lead me towards accepting hardships gracefully and help me to be happy despite all circumstances. Help us, Father God, know that only you can provide the perfect peace we need in this world. Let your presence settle in our hearts, dear Father, and be the loving God the animates infinite possibilities over our lives from the heavenly realms. With your Holy Spirit, oh Lord, forever take away the sadness that stops us from being grateful for all your unearthly blessings. These we ask in Jesus Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

Prayer when in Suffering and Pain

Lord Jesus Christ,

Take over my mind, Almighty God, and allow me not to think of anything that goes against your will. As I sleep, watch over me and let me fall not into the pits of hell but in the warmth of your arms. Thank you, Lord, for you kept my head out of the sea of pain and suffering.

In Christ Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Everyday Survival and Healing Stress


Grant us Peace, Lord, and help us through this day filled with stress. Allow us to be your good stewards in this chaotic world until our time has come to be with you in eternal life. Grant us the healing that we need, and allow your magical power to recharge us from the stressful day we had. May your peace, God, be our driving force to keep going and spreading your love over the lands that you have created for your people. We offer this prayer through your son Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Spiritual Peace

Dear God,

I surrender all my worries to you. You are my home, Heavenly Father; You are the one that I need. Amidst the chaos around me, I ask that you give me spiritual peace and allow me to become your living proof of your mighty name, Amen.


As you develop your life’s enduring values, continue to seek the everlasting hills of our Father; fervently say your short prayer request; Love God, and surely, goodness will follow. Continually fill your heart with His words as you read bible verses and never trust in your power, for only the Holy Father can make you supremely happy.

Felicia Wilson