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This Woman With Anxiety Can’t Stop Rescuing Bats – She Says One Special Bat Has Helped Her Cure Her Condition


Bats saved Sarah’s life. She has suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. She has been feeling like she couldn’t function at all. She couldn’t leave the house and she has even been hospitalized twice.

Sarah needed a new purpose in life. So, she joined a volunteer rescue organization.

“The bats gave me something to focus on that wasn’t myself, and it gave me a reason to want to get better,” she says. And also, she reveals that one particular bat named Banksy has helped her to heal her anxiety because they had too many things in common.

“We share a bit of a special bond. People say that she’s just like me. I actually have ADHD. My brain works a little bit special, and Banksy shows some ADHD behaviors where she gets very distracted. She gets very energetic.”

Sarah saved Banksy when she lost her mom. Sarah took care and raised Banksy until she was fully grown up. Banksy now lives at a wildlife park, but Sarah regularly visits her and she says that Banksy still remembers her.

“She knows me. She knows my voice. And she doesn’t act like she does with anybody else than she does with me.”

Today Sarah has a house full of bats, and she says that she would never stop rescuing them because of how much they have done for her and her condition.


Mary Wright


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