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This Man Makes Magnificent Glass Sculptures Using The Fibonacci Sequence


It will come as no surprise to you that creating glass sculptures is no easy task. It requires hours of hard work, creativity, and attention to detail to do. Despite that difficulty, however, the reward is always worth it in the end.

Jack Storms is a sculptor who has decided to take his work one step further. This man makes magnificent glass sculptures using the Fibonacci sequence.

Based in Los Angeles, Storms creates rare and stunning sculptures using lead crystals and dichroic glass.

Unlike most people in the field, this sculptor does this differently – he doesn’t use heat. Instead, he uses a cold-glass technique which involves grinding and polishing. Because of this, it can take him anywhere from 8 to 18 weeks to finish a piece.

Although it may be much tougher than regular glass sculpting, Storms believes that his efforts are well worth it, and we’d have to agree with him too. The results practically speak for themselves.

It’s not just his method of creating these unique pieces that’s so different either, it’s how he designs them as well. The Fibonacci ratios, which can be seen everywhere in the natural world, are at the core of each of his sculptures.

All these things combined make for some of the most beautiful pieces of crystal that the world has ever seen.

If you’d like to find out more about how Jack Storms creates his glass sculptures, watch the video below.

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