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This Is Why Your Dog Follows You Into The Bathroom (Aren’t They Amazing?)


What animal is more loyal than a dog? I am sure that besides their loyalty, your dog also provides you with an immense amount of love and affection. Your dog is your true best friend, aren’t they? Your puppy will often give you many kisses and hugs because they love you.

However, other times they will try to tell you something in other ways which you may not understand at first. Here are 12 things your dog does and its meaning.

When your dog gives you little presents when you two are not playing fetch it means that your dog just wants to share their happiness and joy with you.

When your dog makes the puppy eyes, unlike children when they usually want something from you, your dog just wants to show you love and tell you they trust you and believe in the bond between you.

Licking your face or body is an act of submissive behavior and besides showing you their love, they are also trying to ease their stress.

When your dog crawls in your bed it means that they know you will be soon away for work, so they want to spend as much time as they can with you in the morning before you leave the house.

When they cuddle after dinner they want to tell you that they feel the most comfortable around you.

When your dog follows you around it means that they want you to know that they’ll always be there for you and your family. This is a dog’s instinct to always do things with you and with your family and it is absolutely adorable!

When your dog goes wild when you return home means that they are plain happy to see you! The second they hear the door they are overly joyful and enthusiastic to see your face again. Also, it’s their way of saying, “I missed you while you were gone.”

When your dog leans against you it means that they want some extra hugs and love from you! They want to have your attention.

Knowing when something is wrong. Dogs can sense when you are feeling sad or when something is bothering you. They can pick on your body language and detect a change, and they will be quick to hug you and console you.

When they try to get your opinion and are looking into your eyes to get your approval for something it means that they value and appreciate your opinion.

When they raise a single paw it means that your dog wants to play with you or is hungry. Or, sometimes they raise their paw when they notice something strange or interesting in their environment.

When your dog squints and blinks with their eyes it means that they want your attention because they feel neglected. They would love to play with you!

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Mary Wright