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Pets Can Now Be Buried Next To Their Humans At Cemeteries


This is good news to all humans who want to be buried alongside their pets.

Up until now, people who wanted to be buried next to their pet had to be relegated to the pet cemetery because the pets were not allowed to reside in a human cemetery.

However, the state of New York has decided to end this foolish practice and implement a new law which allows humans to be buried together with their fur babies. Moreover, this law includes a very wide range of animals, which means that even if you are not a cat or a dog owner, you can still be buried with your beloved pet and spend the eternity together.

We think that this is a great decision on New York’s part. Pet owners are finally getting the chance to rest in peace together with their furry friends that made them so happy and brought so much joy to their life.

Our pets are our family members and why not treat them as such?

We only hope that other states will also follow this wonderful example.

Mary Wright

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Mary Wright