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This Is Why She Is A Warrior With A Robust Heart


She is a warrior because she fights fiercely for what she wants. She fights her fears. She fights her anxiety. She fights her demons each and every day. She often hears the little voice in her heat that’s telling her that she is weak and that she wouldn’t make it, but she chooses to ignore it.

Because she knows better. Because she is not someone who gives up. Because she is like a phoenix that rises from the ashes.

She has a robust heart and lonely and deep eyes. She is strong, but she often feels inferior because of her anxiety. She is fierce, but sometimes she has a low self-esteem. Yet, there she is – molding herself to find a way to lift herself up and forget all about her anxieties and fears.

Sometimes, she is not comfortable being around many people. Sometimes, she is afraid of what others will think of her. She doesn’t want to be judged. Yet, she finds the strength and courage inside her to socialize with anyone she meets and offer them her radiant smile and eyes which sparkle with passion and honesty.

She is a warrior with a strong heart because she is true to her emotions. She speaks her mind, always. Her voice might tremble, but she raises it anyway. She always shows up and fights even though she might be terrified inside.

She continues to live her life normally. She goes to work, pays her bills, finishes all that she needs to do, and makes sure she does everything the best way she can. She puts 100 percent of herself into her work, relationships, and things that she holds dear.

There are times when she loses her focus and she gets distracted by people around her. But she is a strong woman who knows how to hold herself together and find a way to ignore all the exterior influence. She pushes and pushes until she reaches her goal.

She is not a quitter. She is mastering the art of not giving a damn about the opinions of others, especially the toxic people around her. She has decided to block out the negativity and focus only on improving her own life.

She is a very independent woman. However, there are times when she wants someone by her side. Equally strong. Equally fierce. Honest and emotionally available. Someone with whom she can build a future.

This woman wants all or nothing. She doesn’t spend her time on someone who is not sure about her. She detests hesitations. She doesn’t believe in the whole ‘I am not ready yet’ myth.

She says ‘NO’ to any negativity coming her way. She says ‘NO’ to anyone who tries to dim her light.

She may fail at times, but she will never back down.

Because she is a warrior.

Because she has a robust heart.

Because she knows that in the end, the victory will be hers. And she will radiate more than ever.

Mary Wright