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This Is What’s Like To Have Strong Personality And A Fragile Heart At The Same Time


Yes, you are strong. You are strong when you need to be there for your friends. You are strong when you need to defend yourself and fight for your rights. You are strong when you need to show your boss who you are. You are strong in the outside world.

But deep down, you are a sensitive human being. You are made of flesh and blood and a vulnerable heart just like everyone else. You feel deeply, yet you hide those emotions inside that pretty little heart.  You don’t like to show this part of you because you are afraid of being hurt.

If you are someone who fits this description, just remember, you are not alone. For those of you who haven’t met a person like this before, this is what is like to have a strong personality and a fragile heart at the same time:

1. You are very selective about who you spend your time with. When it comes to love and relationships, you prefer it the good, old way. You don’t appreciate texting someone over Instagram when you can meet them and talk to them face to face. That is why you are very careful about who you let inside your life. You cannot waste your time on meaningless flings over the internet. You want a person who will be there in your life. Both physically and emotionally.

2. The world can get a bit too much overwhelming for you. Yes, you are strong. But you are also human. A human being who can easily get overwhelmed and exhausted of this sick, cruel world. You handle life’s challenges pretty well, but then again, you also need to know when to stop.

3. You can’t just sit silently while others behave disrespectfully. You are not someone who lets others get away with their wrongdoings. When someone hurts you or does anything to disrespect you, you don’t put up with it. You call them out on their bullsh*t and you let them know that they cannot play their games with you.

4. You like to talk, and you are a good listener. You like to connect with people. You like to talk on subjects that are new to you. You like to share ideas with new people. But you also like to listen to their opinion and their version of the story. You don’t listen to judge them; you listen to understand them.

5. But then there are times when you need to some time to be quiet on your own. Your strong personality makes it hard for others to understand that you appreciate your alone time more than you appreciate the time you spent with others. This may sound a bit selfish, but that’s just what you need to go through the day. Most of the time you get overwhelmed by the energy of others and you just need to get far away from everyone and everything that is sucking your strength.  

6. You hate being in the center of attention. Which is quite unfortunate because you often find yourself in the center of attention. Your strong and confident nature makes people immediately fall in love with you. But your sensitive and fragile heart cannot stand to be under the spotlight. Being that much exposed in front of people you don’t really know seems like a dangerous mission.

This article is written by Stephanie Reeds. If you have any questions regarding this topic or one of your own interest, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to give you my opinion.

Stephanie Reeds