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This Is What Pain Feels Like When You Realize He’s Not The One


She’s was the girl who believed in love.

She had a pure soul and a clean heart ready for love. The one thing she wanted the most was to experience true love. That’s what she hoped for her entire life.  To meet a person who wouldn’t be afraid to open his heart and truly love her for who she is.

But, you know how it is. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan.

And I guess she was too innocent and naïve for this whole thing called love. She was new at this. She was a pure soul who believed in a happily-ever-after relationship.

So, she fell for the wrong guy.

She was sure he was the right one for her. She was convinced that this person is her one true soulmate.

He changed something in her. He was the trigger that ignited the fire inside her heart. Yet, at the same time, he was the one who was also the tide to her oceans. The light breeze that calmed her hailstorms.

Everything felt right. Just the way love is supposed to make you feel. Calm. Serene. Carefree. Every part of her being was connected to him. Every piece of her soul was his. It was so easy for her to love him, that she sometimes felt it’s all too good to be true.

And unfortunately, it turned out it was.

She may have made him a priority, but that was way before she met the real him.

They both felt that they could be good together, but as the relationship progressed and they discovered each other’s flaws, things got more and more complicated.

 Sadly, he wasn’t the person who she thought he was. He didn’t hesitate to leave her without a goodbye.

When she least expected it, he bailed on her and gave up on everything like the whole thing didn’t even existed. There was on explanation, no “I’m sorry”, no reason, no nothing. He just left.

But, the real horror came after that.

She was left devastated. Everything she believed in was no longer real. Everything she had was gone. Everything she felt was shattered to million pieces. She was no longer the naïve girl she once was. Now, she was this bitter, disappointed and realistic girl who doubted everyone.

She hoped that he was everything she ever asked for. But, little did she know that doesn’t always work according to our plans. Once she realized that, it was already too late.

So, this is what pain feels like when you realize the person you’ve been in love with turns out to be wrong for you. This is what pain feels like when you realize that he wasn’t your true love, but just another lesson you needed to learn.

Stephanie Reeds