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This Is What Happens When Two Psychopaths Get Together In A Relationship


When two individuals who are incapable of feeling true emotions get together, it is usually a catastrophe. Why?

Because, while a relationship when one person is a psychopath and the other one is not has a hope for having some kind of intimacy because of the willingness for compromise from the non-psychopathic partner and their strong optimism and forgiving nature, a relationship between two psychopaths who are unable of any kind of emotional support is almost impossible to last and it usually has disastrous effects.

They are both manipulative and devoid of emotions. They only do things that will benefit them in some way, not caring about the feelings of the other person. Their personal goals will always outweigh their mutual goals as a couple.

Moreover, individuals who have psychopathic characteristics tend to be sexually unfaithful and they don’t develop strong romantic feelings or connect with someone on a deeper level.

A study from the University of Georgia that examined 172 couples over their first 10 years of marriage found that while psychopaths can’t form long-term commitments, some of them can actually make it to marriage.

But, once they get married – the problems start to arise. After just 6 months of the marriage, the wives who showed psychopathic traits stopped showing an interest in solving conflicts in a positive way using humor, interest, and affection. Contrary, they were more likely to approach conflicts using anger and contempt.

This negative behavior was also reflected in the behavior of the husbands. Those high in psychopathy “may not be concerned if their communication approach causes their partner distress, and even if they are, they may be less capable of detecting these affective states and changing course so as to mitigate these experiences, resulting in the more aversive emotional states (more negativity, less positivity) observed here,” concluded the authors of the study.  

Needless to say, the problems got worse with time, especially when the husbands were showing signs of psychopathy as well.  

Finally, the patterns that occur in the first few months of the relationship between the partners usually stay the same or become worse. So, if two people have a positive approach to conflicts and they solve everything together, they have a high chance of staying together.

But when it comes to psychopaths, who have a tendency to get into abusive and negative partners – it is very difficult to form a strong, healthy and lasting bond.

What do you think? Can two psychopaths make it together? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Mary Wright