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17 Signs You’re In A Relationship That Is Meant To Last A Lifetime


Relationships are considered the most intense, empowering and personal workshops that exist. That is, of course, if both of the partners in the relationships are on the same page.

This extraordinary feeling that you’ve finally found a person who makes you certain of their intentions and fills your heart with hope is something we all crave for.

So, when your relationship comes to a point where you’re completely aware of each other’s plans for the future, the love and respect you share for one another, that’s when you realize that this wonderful human being next to you might be your forever-after.

Here are 17 signs that your relationship will last a lifetime:

1. You think about what you want to say, not how you say it. Because around them, you are free. It doesn’t feel like you have to walk on eggshells. Your mutual understanding and honesty helped you build what you have.

2. Whatever the news, your partner is the first person to hear all about them. This feeling can only be experienced with the right person. The joy or sorrow of sharing exciting or bad news can only be shared with the person who understand your heart.

3. Your partner understands the importance of your time spent together over working late. Work is a duty, but they understand that there have to be balance between private life and work in order for one relationship to thrive.

4. They don’t expect you to change who you are. When your partner loves you for who you are, when they enjoy your flaws as much as they cherish your strengths, you know you’ve found the right person for you.

5. Your partner never let’s you give up on yourself without a fight. They are your biggest supporter, your loudest cheerleader, your truest friend. No matter how scary the thunderstorms in front of you are, you take each other’s hand and you believe that you can make it.

6. You celebrate each other’s successes, and accept each other’s failures. Many researches have shown that couples who are supportive of one another tend to perform better at work, make more money, and end up feeling more satisfied with their jobs.

7. They don’t badmouth you in front of other people, they are proud to praise your achievements. Because a real partner would never say anything bad about you behind your back. Instead, they would tell it to your face.

8. They understand you good enough to have the same ideas you should have had. It’s like you two are so perfectly synchronized that you often finish each other’s sentences, share the same ideas and chase the same goals. A real match made in heaven.

9. They pay attention and listen to everything you have to say. You feel that your partner listens to you and maintains an open mind in order to help you find the solution.

10. You do everything in your power to make time for each other. No matter how busy and overflown your work agendas are, you always find time to see each other and reflect on your days. Even if you get to hug each other for only a half an hour.

11. They care a lot more about what’s right, than being right. They don’t care about being a smartass, and they certainly don’t care if you prove them wrong. Because those discussions are about who has the power in the relationship. And as long as one partner prefers to dominate over the other, the relationship is doomed.

12. They don’t hesitate to ask for help. They don’t feel ashamed, nor stupid if they ask for something they don’t know. Because you two are partners, and that means ride-or-die buddies. Until the very end!

13. You know how to forgive and forget your disagreements. We all make mistakes, but it’s what you do to fix it that it’s the most important in one relationship. The right person will help you understand forgiveness.

14. They help you grow by turning your flaws into strengths. They encourage you to work on yourself and challenge yourself. They make sure to let you know that flaws are not the bad, they are the most amazing part.

15. They are genuinely happy for your successes. Because your happiness is their happiness. Your sorrow is their sadness. The two of you are one.

16. They praise your unique personality. They would never try to change who you are. Everything you have, every trait, every flaw, every opinion, every insecurity, every strength is a part of who you are as a person.

17. You are completely honest with each other. No matter what you’re both going through, you’re always honest with each other. You’ve learned that communication, compromise and sincerity is everything one relationship needs to prosper and flourish.

Stephanie Reeds