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This Is The Kind Of Man You Need, Based On Your Birth Month


We all think that we know what kind of people are good for us. At this stage of our lives, we believe that we have it all figured out and know exactly who we need to make our lives whole. Despite that belief, not everyone really knows who their Mr. Right is.

Thankfully for us, something as simple as your birthday can tell you exactly who really is perfect for you. This is the kind of man you need, based on your birth month.


Wait for the guy who appreciates your ambitious nature. You need someone in your life who understands that you’re hard-working and driven. A guy who will allow you the freedom to go out, work hard, and get what you want will be the perfect man for you. As well as that, he should be willing to support you through it all.


You need someone who’s curious and wants to learn more about the world with you. He needs to be the kind of guy that’s willing to drop everything to go on an amazing adventure with you. Along with that, you need a man who accepts every part of your personality, both the light and the dark.


In relationships, you’re the kind of person that likes to take care of others. Because of that, you need a guy who’s willing to take care of you too. He needs to be the kind of guy who will put you first and always treat you with care and compassion.


Until you find a man who falls in love with your strong personality, you haven’t found the one. The perfect guy for you is one who is confident in himself and won’t be intimidated by how unique and self-assured you are. As well as that, he needs to be the kind of man that you can feel comfortable being vulnerable with.


You’re extremely focused, motivated, and you dedicate yourself completely to everything that you do. To have an amazing relationship, you need a man who can keep up with that and support you. He should be happy with you two having your own separate lives, as well as your life together.


Although you always try to fix broken people, that’s not your job. The perfect guy for you will be someone who can take care of you for once. He needs to be open to emotions and happy with letting you express yours freely. More importantly, he should be wonderfully loving and kind.


What you need most is a guy who just wants to be with you. Your personality is instantly likable and easily draws people in, so the guy you’re with can’t be intimidated or jealous because of that. Along with those things, the most fulfilling relationship of your life will be with a guy who never expects you to change and loves who you are.


Wait for a man to enter your life who always tells you the truth and never say something just to please you. He needs to respect you, stay honest, and love how strong and confident you are. Likewise, he needs to be able to say what he means to you without being worried that it’s not what you want to hear.


The guy that’s meant for you will be one who wants to learn and grow with you. Since you’re the kind of person who loves to keep learning and finding out more about the world, he needs to be able to match that. In addition to that, you need a guy who’s willing to challenge you to open up to him emotionally.


You need a man who will truly appreciate your kindness and affection. So many people have taken that trait for granted before and you don’t need it to happen again. This guy needs to not only appreciate it, however, but give you the same love and compassion in return.


Your Mr. Right will be the man who truly sees who you are inside and out. As well as that, he needs to be willing to always look deeper to try and get a better understanding of who you are. He needs to know that you’re highly creative and hardworking as well as adoring those things about you.


You can never have too much fun in your life. Having a man who wants to have fun and be playful with you will be the best romance that you will ever have. He should be happy joking around with you and making you laugh as well and being able to hold up a meaningful conversation too.

Find a guy who compliments you perfectly and you will really have the most wonderful, joyous, and passionate relationship of your life. It’s sure to be one that will last a lifetime. Make sure not to forget the most important component that everyone needs to make it work, no matter when you were born – love.­

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Eva Jackson