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This Is How You Are Ruining Your Life Without Even Realizing


Life is not a pre-set timeline of events. You should understand that it is okay if you don’t finish school in time. It is okay if you don’t have a partner. It is okay if you don’t get married by 30. It is okay if you still haven’t found your dream job. Life can be pretty random and full of surprises and the reality is, that no one could ever be sure that they would be lucky enough to accomplish all the things they wanted by a certain age.

You can take all the time that you need to figure yourself out. You can make mistakes. You can fail. This is what most people forget. If you are like them, you are going to a job that you don’t love simply because society expects that of you. Day by day, you feel more and more stressed and unfulfilled. You are ruining your life without even realizing it. You are making yourself miserable.

You are also ruining your life by staying in a relationship with the wrong person. Why are you rushing things? Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone who is not a good match for you simply because you don’t want to be single? Don’t do this to yourself. Being with someone out of convenience will not make you want to roll over them and hug them at 3 am. True intimacy and passion are the crucial things for every relationship. Never settle for less than that.

Be alone. Eat alone. Take yourself out to dates. That’s the only way that you can find what you truly love.

You will ruin your life if you are constantly thinking about the past. You will be hurt. You will be heartbroken. You will be betrayed. You will have many days of confusion. However, you shouldn’t allow these moments to define you. You shouldn’t allow any negative event or word to linger with you. You should let it all go and start fresh. Your focus should be on the present moment only.

You are ruining your life every time you compare yourself to others. The likes on your Facebook profile don’t define you. The number of followers on Instagram does not speak about you as a person. Neither do material things. What matters is what kind of a person you are at your core.

You will ruin your life by not staying true to yourself. By not speaking your mind. By being afraid to love deeply. By not expressing your true feelings and emotions because you are ashamed, or you fear rejection. There is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Express yourself. Don’t hold yourself back. At the end of the day, regret is more painful than rejection. Don’t forget that.

Never settle for less than the things that are extraordinary to you. Go for what you desire and never doubt yourself and your abilities. Don’t conform to convenience or familiarity. A mediocre life will never make you happy and fulfilled. Go only for the marvelous.

Mary Wright