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This Is How Real Women Want To Be Loved But Will Never Tell You


They want to be loved when they are uncertain. When things are not easy. They want to be loved during their anxiety and fears. They want their partner to love them when they are fragile and vulnerable because that’s when they need it the most. Every woman wants to fall asleep knowing that her heart is safe.

Real women want to be loved through their partner’s actions and not by their words. They want to feel loved when they are not around their partner. When her partner is at a bar alone or with friends and some hot girl approaches them, she wants to feel loved especially in those moments. Real women want to feel safe in the relationship. They want to be in a relationship where ‘having a wandering eye’ or ‘keeping your options open’ are not an option.

Real women don’t care about candles, roses and grand romantic gestures. They want to feel trusted and valued by their partner. They want a real relationship, not an idealized romance. They want to rest assured that whenever they have doubts, their partner will be there to assure them once again that they are loved.

They want to be understood, pushed, and challenged by their partner. They don’t want someone who agrees with them all the time. They want to grow with their partner. They want to exercise their talents and they want their partner to push them forward and inspire them to achieve their dreams and goals.

These women want their partner to love their demons. The parts of them that they are not proud of. They want their partner to see them at their worst and still be there, loving them even more.

Real women are not after their partner’s money. They don’t want expensive and lavish presents. They want presence. They want to go on adventures and dating their partner like they did during the first months of their relationship together. These women want to see they and their partner have a future together.

They want to be your inspiration, lover, and best friend.

They want you to dive in deep with them. Because the emotions of these women are as deep as the ocean.

This woman wants to be your muse.

The one who turns your world upside down.

The one who makes you a better person.

The one that you fantasize about.

The one that is constantly on your mind.

The one that you want to grow old with.

The reason you feel alive.

The love of your life.

Image: maud chalard

Mary Wright