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This Is How A Smart Woman Picks Her Life Partner


Everyone has their own idea of what they want in a partner. Some want their future significant other to be kind and compassionate, others want them to be adventurous and fun. For some of us, our requirements all have to do with our own emotional needs.

The most intelligent people out there usually want similar things in a relationship. This is how a smart woman picks her life partner.

She Wants Someone She Can Talk To

No, her partner doesn’t need to be a genius, but she wants to be with someone that can match her intelligence at least somewhat. What she really needs is someone who she can have deep, meaningful conversations with. She wants to be able to debate topics and teach each other things that they didn’t know before.

A smart woman wants a partner that she can watch a documentary with and then discuss it with them later. She wants the person that she’s with to send her interesting articles that they read that day or videos on intriguing topics. Most of all, she wants someone who can understand her mind.

However, she’s not stuck-up. She doesn’t care if her partner doesn’t have a college degree or makes spelling mistakes sometimes. As long as they’re willing to talk, to debate, and to keep an open mind to her opinions, she will love them anyway.

She Needs Them to Challenge Her

They say that your greatest relationship will be with someone who challenges you. It will be with someone who doesn’t agree with you on everything all the time, but won’t be rude to you because of it. Although it may sound easier to be with someone who has the same beliefs as you, a smart woman knows that easy isn’t always best.

This woman wants her life partner to challenge her. She wants to be able to learn from what they believe and to teach them some things too. In a relationship like that, she’ll be able to grow and improve as a person. To her, that’s more important than anything else.

She Wants To Make The Right Choice

Being in the wrong relationship makes intelligent women feel mentally and physically exhausted. Since they’re perfectionists, if something is broken, they’ll try to fix it. It doesn’t matter to them if everyone else can see that it’s beyond repair. Because of that, being with the wrong partner can destroy them.

She may be book smart, but love can still make her do things that she wouldn’t normally do. Although she may try to be, she’s not perfect. She can fall for someone toxic who just wants to hurt her. Thankfully, she will learn from her mistakes. That experience will teach her to never settle for anyone who isn’t perfect for her.

Intelligent women may be picky when it comes to choosing a partner, but it’s for a good reason. They know who they want and who’s right for them. Because of that, they will always wait until they find that person. Otherwise, they’ll happily stay single and wait.

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Eva Jackson