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Always Be Grateful For What You Have Regardless Of How Difficult Life Gets


Regardless of how difficult life gets, always be grateful.

Be grateful because you’re here. You exist in this world. You are alive.

Be grateful for the people who genuinely love you and care about you. Be grateful for your friends who have stuck with you through thick and thin. Be grateful for your family that has always believed in you and supported you.

Be grateful, too, for all those who broke your heart and showed you that life can sometimes be very hard and cruel because they made you wiser and stronger.

Be grateful for all the emotional wounds you’ve received, for all the battles you’ve fought, for all the heartbreaks you’ve gone through, and for all the losses you’ve experienced. Since all these things prove how strong you are regardless of how difficult and ugly the situation you are in is.

Be grateful for all the good things in your life. Things like how much you enjoy drinking your morning coffee or how fulfilled you feel when you spend time with your loved ones. Because no matter how small and unimportant these things may seem, they brighten up your day. They fill your life with joy and happiness.

Be grateful for all the mistakes you’ve made and all the failures you’ve experienced since they’re what has shaped you into the person you’re today. They’re what has made you become wiser, stronger, and more resilient.

Last but not least, be grateful for the life that God has given you. Because no matter how difficult your life gets, He’ll never make you deal with more problems or pain than you can handle. He’ll never make you fight battles that you can never win.

And if you keep your faith in God, if you trust in His plans for you, and if you are grateful for what you have in life, you will see that He has an abundance of blessings and rewards in store for you.

Riley Cooper