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This Goes To Our Amazing Friends Who Love Us For Us

This Goes To Our Amazing Friends Who Love Us For Us

This goes to our loyal friends who have always been there for us and who keep proving to us that we can always count on them.

Because they will care for us and love us in good and bad, in sickness and in health, when we are up or down, when we are on the right path or when we feel lost. They will always stick to us and give us that wonderful feeling of belonging.

To our friends, who could have walked away after the first serious disagreement but decided to stay because our friendship was more important than any argument. Because our bond is strong, and our friendship is real, and we make each other’s lives more beautiful.

To our friends, the ones who never judge us when we make a mistake and never kick us when we fall, but always give us a hand and lift us back up. To the ones who heal our broken hearts with their presence and understanding.

To the ones who make us believe in ourselves and in love because they show us unconditional love. They love us for who we really are and that is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. They love and accept us with our mistakes, our foolish choices, and our past because they love our hearts. They love the goodness inside us. They love the nights we spend together talking and sharing our secrets. They love every moment with us because it is special.

So, here’s to them. Our friends. The ones who always make time for us regardless of their busy schedules. The ones who always factor us in their lives in a real way. The ones who don’t “disappear” after some time. The ones who don’t turn their backs on us when we need their help. But the ones who show us that our friendship and love for one another is eternal.

Cheers to our loyal friends! The ones who represent the word ‘forever’ in this world of temporaries.

Thank you for everything. It is a true honor to be your friend.

Mary Wright