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Having Real Friends Is One Of Life’s Most Precious Gifts

Having Real Friends Is One Of Life’s Most Precious Gifts

Friends make life easier and better. They add meaning to your life. But, when I say the word ‘friends,’ I’m not referring to those who are good to you only when they want to get something from you. Those who call you only when they need you to do them a “little” favor. Those who are nowhere to be found when you’re the one who needs to be helped.

No! I’m referring to those who are always there for you. Those who stick with you through thick and thin. Those who celebrate your successes with you, but who also stand by you and do everything in their power to cheer you up when you’re going through rough times. Those that you know are always there even when you don’t see them. Those that accept you for who you are. Those that genuinely love you and care about you.

Here’s why having true friends is one of life’s most precious gifts:

1. True friends accept you for who you are.

Real friends embrace your weaknesses and imperfections. They aren’t embarrassed by your quirks or your craziness. They don’t criticize you for your insecurities and fears. Why?

Because they know that your flaws don’t define who you are. They know your flaws are just a small part of you – a part that can’t take your worth and inner beauty away.

2. True friends always find time to see you and talk to you.

Regardless of how busy someone is, if they truly love you and care about you, they’ll always find time for you. They’ll always find a way to squeeze you into their hectic schedule. Why?

Because true and loyal friends value you as much as they value their family, health, and career. Because you are at the top of their priority list.

 Real Friends

3. True friends call you out on your bullsh*t.

Instead of agreeing with you on everything or making you think that you’re always right about everything, real and loyal friends call you out on your bad behavior.

When you make a mistake or say something hurtful to someone, unintentionally or deliberately, true friends make sure that you’re aware of it and that you take responsibility for your actions.

4. True friends don’t leave you to deal with your problems on your own.

They don’t solve them either. Instead, they do their best to give you the strength and wisdom you need to face your problems. They make sure you never sweep your worries and issues under the carpet. They make sure you believe that you can overcome any challenge, temptation, or pain life may throw your way. Why?

Because they truly care about you. Because they love you honestly and wholeheartedly. Because your happiness matters to them.

5. True friends always have your back.

Real and loyal friends would never allow anyone to talk behind your back or criticize you and belittle you in their presence. They’d never let anyone take advantage of you, hurt your feelings, or break your heart. Because true friends are like guardian angels – they protect you from everyone and everything.

Riley Cooper