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This Goes To My Future Boyfriend – Let Me Show You What Real Love Feels Like


Let me tell you what real love looks like for me.

For me, real love is not just candlelight dinners and romantic walks on the beach. I don’t want presents, roses, and wine. I want a life partner. Someone I can laugh with. Someone with whom I can go on adventures.

I am someone who won’t say no to driving with no destination. Who wants to stay up late at night playing video games. I am someone who won’t take you on a movie and dinner night, but instead, I will take your hand and get you into a kart racing.

I am also someone who sometimes wants to stay in, order takeout and watch movies with you all night long.

For me, this is romantic.

Picnics, camping, weekend getaways, concerts, road trips, book fairs… all this is something that I would love to experience with you.

Be spontaneous as I am.

Let’s stay the whole night talking about our hopes and fears. I want to know all your deepest secret. I want to know what keeps you up all night and what makes your heart beat faster.

I want to know what’s your favorite food and how you like your coffee in the morning. I want to know the place where you feel most at home. I want to know what makes you cry. I want to know everything about you.

When I love someone, I am extremely curious about them.

I also want to be your best friend. Someone who you tell everything to. Someone with whom you fall asleep talking to and your first thought in the morning. I want all that.

I want to fall asleep and wake up with you or the loving thought of you.

I understand that relationships can be challenging and messy at times, but I am a fighter. I don’t give up on people I love.

So, know that we will fight. A lot. But that’s real. I don’t want to pretend like everything is perfect. There will be times when I can’t stand you. Or, when I irritate the hell out of you. I will tell you when you are being an a**hole, and I want you to tell me when I am being an unreasonable bitch.

But, tell me what you like about me as well. Sometimes, I want to be spoiled. Tell me how beautiful I am. Kiss my forehead. Comfort me on bad days. And I will be the hand you hold, your confiding ear, your caring heart, and the shoulder you cry on.

I will stand with you through thick and thin. I will laugh with you. I will cry with you. Because with me, love is real.

Mary Wright