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These Are The Secret Desires That Every Girl In A Relationship Has


Dating has changed a lot over the years. It’s less about courtship and more about finding someone to keep you company. Sadly, most relationships end up losing their spark because people are afraid to take a step back and see what they can do differently. People forget the importance of the simple things which can bring romance back into a couple’s lives.

Your girlfriend probably knows exactly what she wants, but she’s afraid to tell you because she’s too worried about being rejected. If you really want to make her happy, learn to understand the secret desires that every girl in a relationship has.

She Wants You to Hold Her

Being held in your arms is one of her favorite things in the world. She desperately wants to cuddle up to you without it needing to lead to sex every time. There’s more to intimacy than just that and she wants to experience it.

Hold her close to your chest, stroke her hair, run your fingertips up and down her arms. Show her that she means enough to you to just be with her. She wants to feel the kind of connection that you often only see in movies these days.

She Wants You To Surprise Her

Have you ever woken your girl up in the morning with a home-cooked breakfast and freshly brewed coffee? If not, you should. Of course, you don’t need to do it all the time, that would ruin the surprise factor.

She wants thoughtful gestures that will catch her off guard and remind her of why she fell in love with you in the first place. A surprise date or a small gift like flowers or chocolates would mean the world to her. It’s not too cheesy and she will appreciate it more than you could ever imagine.

It doesn’t need to be something straight out of a rom-com. Do things for her that means something to both of you. Bring her to the place where you first met, pick out a movie that you know she’ll love and grab some popcorn. Whatever you think that she might like, surprise her with it.

She Wants to Hear Those Words

It’s easy to just assume that she knows that you love her. More often than not, we can take these things for granted and forget to say them. Your girl wants to hear you tell her that you love her. She wants those magical words to remind her of what she means to you.

You don’t need to monologue your feelings to her, those three simple words are enough. Tell her when she leaves for work, in the middle of watching TV together, or while she’s reading a book. Of course, she knows that you love her, but it doesn’t hurt to tell her either.

She Wants Affection

Kiss her, hug her, let her know that her presence is important to you. Give her cute little kisses on the cheek when you’re out for a drink or put your arm around her when you’re sitting together. She wants all the little things that true romance has to offer.

She Wants You To Enjoy These Things Too

What a girl wants most of all, is for her man to appreciate these things too. She doesn’t just want to be held, she wants you to want to hold her. More than anything she wants you to enjoy the affection, to be excited for the surprises you give her, to enjoy saying that you love her and hear her saying it back.

She wants a partner who’s just as invested in the relationship as she is. You can do all these things for her but if you don’t mean it, it won’t mean anything to her. In any relationship, both people need to be happy. It’s not all about her, it’s about doing things for each other that you both love.

Next time you’re with your girl, do one of these things for her. You have no idea how much she’ll appreciate the effort that you put into making her smile. Her heart will beat even more for you when she knows that you care enough to try for her.

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