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There’s Nothing More Powerful Than A Strong Woman Who Has Pride In Who She Is

There’s Nothing More Powerful Than A Strong Woman Who Has Pride In Who She Is

The truth is, confident women who have dignity and pride in who they are, are rare gems. They are very hard to come by. And if you wonder why it’s that, just take a look at the women’s magazines. They all tell women how to hide their flaws, to buy that dress, to wear certain makeup, and to be submissive when it comes to men because otherwise, they will lose their femininity… Bullshit.

What women are actually learning from this “advice” is to become needy and desperate. Their self-confidence lowers and they fight over other people’s approval of them.

Strong women are nothing like that. They don’t care about the opinions of other people. They know who they are and they take pride in it. They have dignity and strength of mind. They focus on elevating themselves and work to be better for themselves, not for other people.

And when it comes to love and relationships, instead of overthinking and killing herself over whether someone likes her and wants a commitment with her, a strong woman asks herself whether it would be advantageous for her to be committed or continue dating that person.

A strong woman doesn’t have time to care if someone says she is difficult. She is happy as she is. She is independent and self-sufficient and focused on her goals.

Most importantly, a strong woman who has dignity and pride in who she is can stand up for herself. She is never rude, but she will speak her mind in a gentle non-abrasive way. She is a whole person of her own and she doesn’t take crap from anyone. She cuts off any form of toxicity and mind games.

She knows she is not perfect, nor does she try to be. She has her life together and that’s enough for her. She is able to take good care of herself and stands firmly on her own two feet. She doesn’t expect anything from anyone.

Therefore, she won’t let anyone take advantage of her. She is not afraid to tell someone to go jump from the roof whenever she feels like it.

The respect she has for herself, together with her love for herself and her self-confidence makes her a power-force that can change the world.

We need more strong women on this planet to make it a better place for living. 

Mary Wright