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Every Healthy Relationship Is Based On Trust And Integrity

Every Healthy Relationship Is Based On Trust And Integrity

Every good and healthy relationship is based on trust and integrity. It takes two reliable people who are whole on their own to form a long-term partnership free of toxicity and drama.

And while many people say they are trustworthy and reliable, how can you know for a fact they are not lying? When it comes to people with true integrity, here are 10 habits that are true for them.

1. They are accountable

Everyone makes mistakes. However, it takes a person with integrity to own up to their mistakes. If they make a mistake, they will immediately admit the mistake, apologize, and then correct it.

2. They see the best in others

People with integrity always see others better than they are. They see their best traits instead of their flaws because their heart is pure and sincere.

Every Healthy Relationship Is Based On Trust And Integrity

3. They are reliable

A person who possesses true integrity is reliable. They never make promises they can’t deliver. They always stay true to their word no matter what.  

4. They are humble

You can see a person’s integrity based on how they react when they receive compliments. Humble people don’t want to be praised and they don’t know how to react to compliments. They are not egoists and therefore, sometimes they forget their importance and value.

5. They are genuine

A truly genuine person is honest in everything they do. When they tell you something, you know it is the truth. They are direct and straight-forward. They don’t sugarcoat things.

6. They are generous

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat other people. People with true integrity treat every person equally, regardless of their social status. Plus, they are always generous, they tip at the restaurant and they donate to a cause.

7. They are always willing to help

Beyond donating whenever someone needs, truly genuine people with integrity are always there to help other people when they need them. It doesn’t always have to be about money, but their time, patience, listening ear, understanding, and love.

8. They are kind

No person with true integrity is ever rude. Kindness is the most important quality when it comes to genuine people. These people are always willing to cheer up others and often go out of their way to make others happy and make their day better.

9. They value other people’s time

No one likes when other people are wasting their time. A person with true integrity is someone who always values and respects others’ time and shows up in time for dates and appointments.

10. They raise up other people  

There are people who get their satisfaction by tearing down other people. Not genuine people. They always support others, raising them up and helping them to achieve their goals.  

Do you know someone like this? If you are lucky to have a person like this in your life, don’t let them go!

Mary Wright