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The World Is Brutal To People With Fragile Hearts And Big Emotions


Do you know what is the one thing that breaks my heart every time it comes to mind?

This damned world is not equally fair to all of us out there.

Showing emotion is considered a weakness. People who have their heart on their sleeves are perceived as foolish, naïve individual. If you show even a little bit of optimistic attitude about a certain thing, you are stupid. You are naïve for believing that life is that simple.

The truth is, people who possess big hearts and believe in the good of this world have it hard. I, myself am someone who has been suffering for too long. In fact, life has never really changed for me. As someone who is pretty much in touch with their emotions and feels things deeply, I am still going through the same difficulties in life.

Yes, I know that being strong, confident, resourceful and cold as ice are probably the characteristics that will help you survive life and if you are lucky, maybe even reach your greatest potential and stand out from the crowd.

But is it really worth it?

Is it really worth it to spend all your life hiding your joy and pain away from people, just so you don’t get your heart broken?

I’ve seen people who have managed to win their fights against all odds. Most of them had luck. But most of them were forced to bury their feelings. For the sake of surviving in this crazy, cruel world.

I’ve seen them smile. There is no life in their tiny, tortured hearts. There is no joy in their souls. But no one can harm in any way. Because they don’t feel a thing. They have no tears left to cry. They have no emotions left to show. Their hearts are frozen still. But they are strong. And society praises them for that.

They are strong enough to carry the weight of the world without saying a word about how they feel inside. They are powerful enough to face every challenge that life gives them without shedding a tear or failing. And they are applauded for doing so…

We, on the other hand… the ones who are not afraid to say it out loud how vulnerable and fragile we are, we are just too emotional. We are foolish for being open about our feelings. We are stupid for letting our feelings lead us through life. We are naïve for loving deeply and risking our hearts getting broken. We are mocked for crying.

And we are constantly told that we are too much. That is why society grinds us down and softens our sharp edges until we are no longer capable of feeling a thing.

Well, I am sorry, but I refuse to be that person.

I refuse to let the world push me down.

I am a human being with a big, fragile heart and I feel things. I won’t be ashamed of that. I wasn’t brought here to hide my feelings and pretend that I am a stone-cold robot who doesn’t feel a thing. I was created to feel and love deeply. That is the most important characteristic that makes me different from every other species out there. And I won’t give that away.

I may be different from some, but that doesn’t make me less of a person.

I won’t let society’s harshness transform me into a heartless individual with a stone instead of a heart. I won’t let it shame me for being who I am.  I am here to cry, hurt, smile, wonder, succeed, fail and try all over again. The fact that unlike you, I choose to share those parts of me with the world, doesn’t make me unworthy.

After all, we may look different on the outside, but deep down, we all carry the same emotions. Don’t ever forget that.

Stephanie Reeds