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The Truth About Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time


Timing is a bitch, I know. It’s something none of us can get right when it comes to love and relationships.

You meet the man of your dreams, you feel immediately connected to each other on a whole different level, but then you realize that they’re already taken. You put an end to a relationship because your partner is not ready to commit. You fall madly in love with a person who has to immediately move out and go live abroad…

“We would have been so happy”“If only that didn’t happen right now” …

I know, I know… Life can be pretty damn hard.

I’ve already suffered through the searing pain of meeting the right person at the worst possible time in my life. That experience stayed with me for a very long time.

And then one day, a thought popped into my mind.

What if the person I believed was the one for me was simply not the one I was meant to end up with?

What if the timing wasn’t crucial for a relationship to work out?

What if the people we’ve met at the wrong time were actually the wrong people?

Think about it.

You will never meet a right person at the wrong time because a right person will do everything in their power to make the relationship happen.

The right people will make you change things about yourself, they will inspire you to rise higher, work hard, and become better.

They won’t make you feel doubtful whether you want to be with them or not. They won’t make you go hmm. They will make you feel sure of your next steps. They will help you gain the courage you desperately searched for.

Suddenly, you’ll realize that the things you had originally planned will never be half as incredible as the adventures that lay ahead of you.

Because once you meet the right person everything will somehow magically fall into place. You won’t hesitate whether you should stay or leave, and they won’t think twice about who they want to spend their life with.

The right ones won’t stop you from chasing your goals and dreaming bigger. They won’t limit you and they won’t ask you to sacrifice your dreams. On the contrary, the right people will want to reach those mountains with you, no matter how hard and exhausting the journey is.

With the right people, you’ll have all the time in the world.

If you desperately search for that magical time when everything simply falls into place and becomes perfect, you’ll eventually lose yourself.

There will never be a perfect time for things. But, luckily there will always be people out there who will help you realize that the issue of timing is irrelevant.

So, make sure you hug them, keep them safe and let them how much they mean to you.

Stephanie Reeds