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30 Things Every Woman Should Possess By The Time She Hits 50


They say you have the best time of your life when you’re in your 20s, which can be so frustrating. It’s like all the fun, joy, and good moments stop after you’re 20. But, not only is this false, it’s also absurd.

It’s true, time flies fast and before you know it, you turn 50. But who said being 50 isn’t fun?

I talked to women from my family who are at that age and to our readers on Facebook and they all confirmed that this can be the best age of your life provided that you possess the 30 things which will certainly fill you with happiness and joy, but most importantly, they’ll make you appreciate your life even more.

Here they are:

1. Plenty of beautiful memories that you’ll enjoy retelling in your old age.

2. A piece of clothing that makes you feel and look confident and invincible if your partner or boss calls to meet you in a half an hour.

3. A true friend who is always there for you and who makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

4. The belief that you’re smart, beautiful, and worthy, and that you deserve the best.

5. At least one scar on your heart that will remind you how strong you were and still are.

6. A piece of furniture which you bought with your own money and that brings you pleasant, happy memories.

7. At least one big fulfilled dream.

8. The ability to speak up your mind and stand up for yourself.

9. A set of lingerie that makes you feel attractive and you wouldn’t feel ashamed to be seen wearing.

10. Of course, a bank account which you’re the only one who has access to.

11. Beauty matters, right? So, a set of skin care products is obligatory.

12. The most precious thing in a woman’s life – a child.

13. An expensive thing you bought for yourself  because you deserve it. How about some fine piece of necklace, or watch, maybe?

14. The notion that you’ve overcome your deepest insecurities and fears.

15. A to-do list that still waits to be checked off.

16. The knowledge of what makes you happy and what your limits are.

17. The ability to face obstacles and problems on your own.

18. The knowledge that you have done at least one act of kindness for someone despite knowing that they’d never be able to repay your kindness.

19. A kiss you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

20. At least one secret that you’ll always keep to yourself.

21. A romantic relationship that is so powerful that it’ll turn your world upside down.

22. An accomplishment in your career that you’ll be forever proud of.

23. A hobby that you enjoy doing and makes you feel fulfilled.

24. The ability to say NO to things that you don’t want to do and that are against your beliefs and moral principles.

25. A passport full of stamps.

26. The ability to love and accept yourself as you really are – with all your quirks, annoying habits, insecurities, and mistakes.

27. Some special place where you can go to to relax and be alone with your own thoughts.

28. The knowledge that you have greatly helped someone.

29. A thing, or even better – a person that will be your love, passion, peace, and guiding light in life.

30. The understanding that being 50 is not the end of your life, but the beginning of a new, more pleasant and happier one.

Riley Cooper