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The Subtle, Yet Important Difference Between Giving Up And Letting Go


Love is the most compelling force in the universe. It is a pure sensation of bliss. The most extraordinary feeling of being deeply infatuated with another human being. Love is everything this miserable world needs.

But, no matter how breathtaking and divine this feeling is, I’m going to sound cliché and say, love, is BLIND.

There’s no pride, nor ego when you’re in love. There’s only you and that other person. And when you’re together, it feels like times doesn’t exist. It feels infinite.

But, there’s another side of love I believe we’ve all felt. A darker one.

Being in love doesn’t always mean infinite rainbows, butterflies, and pink skies. Being in love doesn’t always feel like living in Utopia. Loving someone takes courage, commitment, compromise, sacrifices and sometimes even shedding a few tears.

It means being brave enough to open up your soul to another human being. It means giving in completely without having any doubt.

It’s the willingness to unravel your deepest desires and show your truest colors.

And it’s right about then and there when we as humans, usually learn about the painful consequences of loving madly and being overexposed, emotionally.

So, listen, I know you’ve been hurt. I know that your heart ached, and you suffered. I know it all. Believe me, we’ve all been there. You decided to cover your eyes and trust with your heart and so, you ended up with a heartbreak.

But, while love has the power to make us lose all of our hopes for the future, it ’s also the only thing that helps us believe in a better tomorrow. It can hurt us, but it can also heal our wounds. It holds the power to destroy our world, but also to create a new one.

There were moments when all we ever loved and believed in came crashing down before us and just like that, we gave up on love.

The thing is, we all have painful traumas. We all need time before we decide to take a leap of faith and start believing again. But, isolating yourself from the world and denying your feelings is not the way to do it.

Giving up on love is backing away from any possibility of ever feeling love again. It’s convincing your mind that love is just a stupid fairy tale, a bedtime story. It means accepting this cold-hearted world of hate and bitterness.

It’s settling for less than you actually deserve because you’re now too afraid and too tired to keep on looking. It is the feeling of having a huge hole in your heart. The daunting sensation of being alive, without a reason to live for.

Existing, but merely living.

We continue denying our emotions when in reality, all we want is to be heard. All we really need is a person who would be able to understand our pain, our burden. Someone who would welcome us into their lives and help us carry our heavy baggage.

We want passion. We want pure love. We want to be vulnerable with another human being. We want to feel fireworks. We want to feel safe. We want it all.

Yet, we’re too afraid to make the step.

People! The only way to feel alive and really exist in this beautiful world is by loving. Purely, madly, deeply.

Yes, you, the one reading this article. I know you’re hurting, but you need to let go. Don’t give up on love forever, just let all of the painful memories go.

Take as much time as you need, but allow yourself to reconnect with another human being. There’s nothing more beautiful and magical than the feeling of love.

Don’t lose faith. Never stop believing in love.

Instead, choose to release yourself from every relationship that once broke your spirit and shattered your heart. Forgive others, forgive yourself and let love heal your wounds.  

Embrace your emotions. Let go of everything that caused you pain, but please, don’t give up on love. This world is a cruel, bitter reality without love. And it is slowly dying.

So, please, don’t let misery and resentment make you their prisoner. Choose freedom and let love guide your way.

Because love exists.

And I believe that it is the only thing that has the power to make this world go round.

Image: maud chalard

Stephanie Reeds