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The Real Reason Why Strong And Independent Individuals Struggle To Find Love

The Real Reason Why Strong And Independent Individuals Struggle To Find Love

It’s not easy to find love nowadays. Especially not for people who have been through a lot in life and had to learn to stand up for themselves from a very young age. These people have been through hell, but they’ve found a way to come back. That’s what made them stronger and braver. But that is also what made them more cautious when it comes to love.

Here are 7 reasons why the strongest individuals out there struggle to find love:

1. They are not afraid to stand up for themselves and speak up. Mentally and emotionally strong people are not afraid to let others know when they’ve crossed the line. It is because the first thing on their priority list is self-care and self-love. To them, that means embracing who they are as a person and letting the whole world know that they would never ever let anyone put them down.

2. They don’t settle for just about anyone. Strong individuals have high standards. To them, it’s all or nothing. Nothing in between. In other words, these people would never ever settle for a person or a relationship that doesn’t add any value to their lives. They wouldn’t compromise their standards for anyone else because they know how much they deserve. They only have one life and they don’t intend to waste it on meaningless flings. So, if that means being alone until they find the right one, then so be it.

3. They don’t need a partner to make them happy. Their happiness is something that they create on their own. Something that it’s buried deep within hearts. Something that depends entirely on their choices and their own decisions. Love is not a necessity, but a sweet addition to their already fulfilled life.

4. They don’t play by the rules. Instead, they create their own rules.

5. They are not afraid to ask the hard questions. For honesty is the most important principle in their lives. It is the very foundation of their relationships with people. That is exactly why they never hesitate to ask even the most uncomfortable questions. Knowing where they stand in life and knowing whether they’re on the same page with their partners or not is crucial to them. They could never let someone string them along or make them just an option.

6. They’ve been broken before, so they are very careful with their heart. They may act like they’re tough and unbreakable, but the truth is, they too have been broken. They too have been disappointed and hurt by someone. That is why they are very careful about who they let inside their worlds and who they trust their heart with. However, they still have a lot of love to give. The only thing they need to know is who is worthy of their time and who isn’t.

7. They don’t seek approval from others. They know where they stand. They know what they want in life. And they are not afraid to walk the extra mile to get that. Strong people have faith in themselves. They know how powerful manifestation is. And they know how to use it to their advantage. That’s what always helps them be one step ahead of others.

Stephanie Reeds