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The Person You Are Meant To Be With Won’t Make You Go Through Hell For Their Love


The right person won’t ever hurt you intentionally. Someone who is truly in love with you won’t dare to inflict pain into your heart and risk losing you. Someone who truly loves you won’t make your life a living hell.

Love shouldn’t feel hard. Getting into a relationship with a person you like and who claims they like you back should be the easiest thing in the world. Because, someone who really wants to be with you, will be with you. Simple as that. They won’t make you work it or make you doubt yourself or their feelings for you.

With the right person, you won’t feel like you are hitting a brick wall with your head. You won’t suffer. It won’t be hard. You won’t fall asleep crying your heart out.

Yes, even with the right person it won’t always be rainbows and sunshine. You will have disagreements. You will have arguments. But, you won’t be fighting over why they are not committing to you. Their words won’t be hurtful. They won’t insult you or make you feel unworthy.

Rather, they will openly communicate with you and try to solve the problem. They are willing to compromise for the sake of your relationship. They won’t let you go to bed angry at them. They will talk with you until the issue is settled.

Even during times when you two have trouble understanding each other, you will be willing to meet halfway. You will be willing to work things out instead of getting mad and distancing yourselves from one another.

The relationship with the right person will feel like heaven.

They will do anything to make you happy. They will always care for you and have your back. They will protect you. They will love you with all their heart. They will show you that love is the easiest thing in the world.

They will make time for you. You will be a priority to them. They will call you and text you and want to see you often because they can’t be without you for so long. They will have an innate desire to do things that make you happy.

When you are loved by the right person, you become the best version of yourself. You both grow into better people. Because when love is right and real, everything around it becomes better. You will glow and you will finally understand how easy it is to be in a happy relationship with the person you love and loves you back.

Mary Wright