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The Person Who Toys With Your Emotions By Using Guilt Doesn’t Love You

The Person Who Toys With Your Emotions By Using Guilt Doesn’t Love You

Toxic people are everywhere around us. Many of them are not even aware they are toxic because they are manipulative by nature and for them, that is a normal thing.

However, their behavior can leave severe consequences on the emotional and mental wellbeing of the people they abuse. That is why we need to be extremely careful when dealing with these manipulators, especially because they are usually the ones who pretend they love us and have our best interests at heart.

A toxic person always plays with our emotions. They never take anyone’s feelings into considerations because they only care about themselves. They never think about how their actions could hurt another human being. They are selfish, hurtful, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

A toxic person’s words don’t match their actions. They will try to mask their behavior by saying sweet nothings. Their charming nature and honey words never match their actions because their actions reveal their bad nature.

A toxic person will always make us out to be the “bad” guy. The person who manipulates you will never admit to their actions. Instead, they will always make it look like it is the other person’s fault everything that goes wrong in the connection. They do that to protect their masks from falling off.

A toxic person is full of ultimatums. The word compromise doesn’t exist in their dictionary. It is always their way or the highway. And the more a person tries to reason with them, the more they will push their limits.

A toxic person uses our insecurities against us. Manipulators get close to us so that they can learn our weaknesses to use it against us. They do it to gain the ultimate control over us and then do whatever they want and toy with our emotions.

If you have someone like this in your life, please protect yourself from their influence by cutting them out from your life.

Mary Wright