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The One Word Every Narcissist Dreads To Hear


All people around the world are unique in their own way. We have to encounter and deal with many different types of people every single day. However, sometimes we may have to deal with a narcissist as well.

Narcissists are the most difficult people to deal with simply because they feel that they are better than anyone else and that other people should cater to their needs and give them an enormous amount of attention and praise.

Narcissists live in their life of illusions and they hate being told ‘no.’ They hate to be told that they are not perfect. They just cannot handle criticism.

So, there is no wonder why their most dreaded word is the word ‘NO.’

Try to say this word to a narcissist and watch how their blood starts boiling until they finally erupt.

The narcissist who is a manager in a company has a goal to come up with the most difficult and far-fetched goals for every employee. And they will do that only to rise above them. And if you stand in their way, you quickly become their enemy.

So, how can you identify a managerial narcissist? Easy. Look for these 5 characteristics that are according to one Turkish study from Hacettepe University.

1. Authority and leadership – A narcissist always thinks that they are an exceptional leader.

2. Anticipation of recognition – A narcissist believes that others think of them as a good manager, so in the narcissist’s mind, it must be true.

3. Grandiosity – A narcissist is always hungry for power.

4. Vanity and self-admiration – A narcissist thinks that if they are in charge they would make the world a better place.

5. Exhibitionism – A narcissist believes that other people can’t get enough of them and their stories.

Some psychologists think that the narcissist who are always looking carefully for potential threats are to be feared the most. Because, if you cross them with any demand or criticism get ready to see their rage. Best advice is to avoid dealing with them.

Have you ever said ‘no’ to a narcissist? How did they react? Share your story with us in the comment section.

Image: Sam Carpenter

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