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Life Begins at 40 – 20 Best Things About Being In Your 40s


Some say that life really begins at 40. Yes, you might hate that your hair thins and grays, or that you lack the energy that you had in your 20s. However, your grays and wrinkles are signs that you have learned your lessons in life.

You have been through a lot, you have made many memories, you met a lot of people, you have acquired many things and strengthened your relationships with the people who are important to you in this crazy journey called life.

So, here are 20 things that you must love and enjoy in your 40s.

1. You Are Better In Bed

By the time you reached your 40s, you have probably experienced many serious relationships and you have engaged in many many hours of passionate love-making which made you a great lover. Now, you know what you want and how you need to be pleased.

2. You Have Chosen A Style That Suits You

You have experimented with many different styles, so now you know which style suits you the best. Your 40s are also for you to be comfortable in your own skin with whatever you wear.

3. Your Relationships Are More Mature

There is no place for drama in your 40s. You have zero tolerance for any type of passive-aggressive or hot and cold behavior. Also, stormy arguments and performing manipulative tricks are in your past and you don’t have time for them.

4. You Have Carved Out A Career

You have chosen a career path and you made it happen. You have succeeded in your job, you have made a lot of contacts and you have acquired a lot of experience in the business world. Other people perceive you as a valuable and responsible employee.

5. Others Think Of You As An Adult

Even though you may feel pretty much the same as you did when you were 25, the reality is different. You have probably a family and children of your own, so you have to be a responsible adult now. And that brings about new things and experiences to be happy about, right?

6. Most Things You Wanted In Your 20s Are Now Within Your Reach

Remember when you dreamed about buying a new car, going on a trip to Vegas, or having your own apartment, but you couldn’t because you didn’t have the money? Well, those days are over.

7. Whiskey Tastes Good Now

Did you know that people who drink moderately have a lower rate of heart disease and diabetes and live longer than those who don’t drink? Also, it is much better to drink whiskey than wine. Why? Because in the amber spirit there is no added sugar. Keep this in mind for your next party.

8. You Realize That Experiences Are More Valuable Than Things

Now that you have your own home, car, or even a yacht or a second home – you realize that even though you have valuable material things, the true value is in the memories and the enjoyment that you get out of them. So, instead of buying another apartment or car, why not buy yourself a trip to a place you’ve never visited before?

9. Your Rough Edges Are Smooth Now

Maybe you were quite arrogant in your younger years. Maybe you were also a little selfish when it came to others because you were busy doing your things and accruing your assets and wealth, but now in your 40s, you have become more humble, thoughtful and compassionate to everyone around you.

10. Your Friendships Are More Stable

You have let go of toxic people and friends, and the few ones that stayed are the ones with whom you have a deep bond and stable connection.

11. You Don’t Try To Be Like Someone Else

You know who you are, and you love yourself. You are comfortable in your own skin and you don’t compare yourself to others. You are proud of who you are and you neither try nor want to be like someone else.

12. You Speak Up Your Mind

With experience comes confidence and courage to speak up for what you want and not accept any bullsh*t from anyone. You learn how to negotiate and fight for your dreams and goals and, of course, win!

13. You Move Less Often

Your 20s and even your 30s may have been transient years both career-wise and relationship-wise. Now, in your 40s, you have probably established a permanent home, career, and you have a family. So, the days of stress and anxiety of what is going to happen next are finally over.

14. You Have Learned How To Splurge Wisely

Towels, bedsheets, wine… You know what makes you happy and you don’t worry about how much money you will spend on them. On the other hand, you will save on things that you don’t need, or you don’t find enjoyment from them.

15. Loyalty Takes On New Meaning

You have met many people in your life to know what being truly loyal means. You have cut out people who were bringing drama in your life and now you are left only with people that you can count on.

16. You Are Willing, Ready, And Able To Forgive

You are at a stage in life when you don’t want to hold grudges or resentment in your heart. So, you have already forgiven anyone who has done you wrong. You understand that being at peace is the most important thing in your life.

17. You Have Settled On A Haircut

You have tried out any haircut possible and you finally found the one which suits you best. And you are not willing to experiment. The only words that you say to your hair stylist are, “the usual.”

18. You Get Rid Of Things That Don’t Work For You

The staying late, the friend that takes more than they give, the golf club membership card that you don’t use… you are quickly letting go of all the things that don’t serve you anymore.

19. Your Gut Instinct Is Sharper Than Ever

Your gut feeling has become so sharp that you need only one glance at someone to know if you can trust them or not.

20. You Can Treat Your Parents

You can finally treat your parents the way they deserve to reciprocate for all they did for you. You can buy them stuff, or you can send them on a vacation to a place they always wanted to go. Because they deserve it.

Image: Johannes Vierula

Mary Wright