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The Number One Secret For A Happy And Ever-Lasting Marriage


What do you think determines the likelihood of a newly-wed couple being happily married or miserable and divorced? 

Do you think the secret to a successful relationship lies in romantic gestures, candle-lit dinners, and buying presents for each other? 

Well, according to Dr. John Gottman, a psychologist and a relationship expert, the key to a happy marriage is attention. 

Apparently, it’s the little things that make all the difference. 

We are all guilty of taking each other for granted, and it is true that we fail to see the value of something we have until it’s gone. 

Because, if your partner is not feeling appreciated, understood, and free to speak their mind and express themselves without fear of judgment, then what kind of partnership is that? 

It is said and believed that there are three billion hungry people in the world, but there are four billion people who are hungry for love and a kind word.

Watch the video below and start today with showing your love, attention, and appreciation to your partner. 

Because true love is in the little things that warm the heart… 


Mary Wright