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The More You Chase That Man, The More You Are Going To Hurt Yourself

chase him

What are you doing?

You are chasing a person who is not ready to give you the love that you crave. You, my dear, are lying to yourself that this person is the one for you. You are gambling away your happiness.

Can’t you see that he will never be capable of loving you the way you deserve?

Can’t you see that you are losing your time?

The more you chase him, the more power you’re giving him. He is not putting much effort into your relationship, and you are letting him get away with it. You are saying yes to a half-assed love and a not-so-okay relationship. You are giving too much effort into something that doesn’t exist. You are accepting something that is not making you happy because you are afraid that you might not be strong enough to move on without him.

The more you chase him, the more you prove to him how desperate you are. The more you show him how determined to you are to do everything just to be with him, the more you put him in a superior position. You let him know that there is no one in the world that you would rather be with, even though this person is not treating you nice. You let him see that he is an addiction that cannot be cured.

The more you chase him, the more you put yourself in an extremely vulnerable position. He can ghost you, avoid you, make fun of you, take you for granted knowing that you will be right there to accept his fake apology and welcome him back into your life. The more you allow him to get away with these things, the clearer it is for him that he is your biggest weakness. That is why he takes advantage of you.

The more you chase him, the more you let him know that you would do everything to be with him. At all cost. The more you beg him to notice you and love you, the more he realizes that you are capable of everything when it comes to him. The fact that he is aware of how vulnerable you are in front of him gives him the power to whatever he wants. Even if that includes breaking your heart to bits.

The more you chase him, the more you are going to hurt yourself. You cannot see it, but you are hurting yourself. You are giving all you have, and you get nothing in return. Your foolish hopes convince you that there will come a day when he realizes how lucky he is, but his day-to-day behavior is only proving you wrong. The truth is, the more you chase him, the more you are hurting yourself.

Stephanie Reeds