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The Mirror Effect Of The Empaths Which Makes Some People To Instantly Hate Them


Dear empaths, I am sure many of you have already experienced a situation where you meet somebody for the first time and you get a weird sense that they took an instant dislike of you.

You cannot explain why they might resent you or hate you since you haven’t given them any reasons for that. Because, they may be great at hiding their hate of you, but you are an empath and you can feel it.

So, why is that? Why would someone dislike an empath – someone who is so caring, sensitive and trustworthy?

The reflection…

Many people are inauthentic. They wear masks in order to hide who they truly are because they don’t like certain aspects of themselves. And the empath makes them get face to face with themselves. The empath reflects their personality, especially the things that they don’t like.

People who wear masks are usually people who are ashamed or fearful to be judged. And when they meet with an empath they are forced to face their true selves. This is the main reason why they start getting angry and hate the empath.

They fail to realize that their feelings of dislike or hate are not for the empath really. They hate their dark side. They hate the aspects of their personality that they have been tried to conceal and bury deep down.

The mirror effect…

An empath is someone who is reflecting people’s true personality traits, their hidden behaviors, and emotions. They take these things and give them back to their rightful owner. The empath is waving the hidden truths of other people in their face without even knowing it.

People are often reminded of their dark side whenever they are in the presence of the empath. They don’t like that. So, they don’t like the empath as a result.

Or it could be because of the empath’s fast vibration…

Just like the empath needs to stay away from negative people, there are many people out there who cannot stand being around someone who manifests and vibrates on such a clean energy as that of the empath.

An empath is a person who is constantly working on improving themselves and implementing positive changes in their life. As a result, they vibrate on a high energy level which causes people who vibrate on low energy levels to hate them.

If you are an empath, you may have probably noticed that some people love to be around you when you are in a low emotional state. And when you do get better emotionally and physically, those people are nowhere to be found because they don’t like the positive change in you.

Vibrations are very powerful forces. That’s why people can immediately sense when you have changed something about yourself. And they can also feel when someone has risen the frequency on which they vibrate.

This is also the reason why people who have a lot of learning to do may be hostile to the empath because they can’t match your high energy.

Finally, the empath’s stillness is what’s bothering them as well.

The empath’s quiet and distant nature is bothering those who are insecure. They see the empath as someone who is arrogant and condescending.

This, of course, is not true. The empath often needs to take breaks from everything and to distance themselves because they get so overwhelmed with absorbing everyone’s energy.

And because others cannot understand this, they can’t understand the empath’s need to be alone and just withdraw from everything. They take this as an insult and as a disrespect.

Fellow empaths, are you too feeling this way? Share with us in the comments.

Mary Wright