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The Memoires Of One Happy Human: What Is Hedonism And How It Can Improve Your Life


I’m sitting in my cozy writing chair, sipping on a warm apple-cinnamon tea with a tablespoon of honey, munching on some fresh, homemade oat-raspberry cookies. The weather outside is rainy.

The crisp air that is gently flowing through my hair signalizes that the summer is almost over. The quiet raindrops that fall on my window fill my being with an inexplicable sensation of coziness.

In the background, there’s only Lisa Gerard’s unmistakable, angelic voice that caresses both my eardrums and my soul.

And at this moment, this is exactly what makes my heart sing with joy.

Hello everyone, I am natural born hedonist.

I live to feed my senses. I’m here to enjoy every single one of our earthly and ethereal pleasures. I exist to make my life an extraordinary, wonderful and breathtaking experience. An experience people believe only exists in novels, an experience most of us are convinced that it’s truly unattainable.

Well, I’m the person who proves them wrong. Let’s them know that the joy of living life is not something you work hard to feel it. It’s right here. Next to you, under you, on top of you, within you.

To all you who are faithfully reading my work and some of you who might have misinterpreted the real meaning of hedonism, there’s more to hedonism that sex, booze, and rock’n’roll.

Hedonism is the desire to pursue the purest and highest pleasures in life.

Whether it’s accomplishing a long-awaited goal, respecting your moral values, indulging in your Nature’s given earthly pleasures or experiencing an inexplicable metanoia in the spiritual realm, at the very core of the hedonism is the belief that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important goal in life.

And pleasure… Well, pleasure is a subjective state of exceptional enjoyment. When you put it like that, it is a broad perspective, but in reality, pleasure can be found in different aspects of life. It depends on your own unique point of view.

I myself was born to live this life through my senses. I believe that my main purpose in life is to explore the whole wide range of stimulus. I am here to experience everything this world has to offer.

I see beauty in things you don’t even notice. I feel the emotion and energy in experiences you’re not even aware that are happening. I pursue enjoyment in simple, small things.

A big, wild bush of red roses makes me stop and smell them. A tiny kitten walking down the street makes me stop whenever I am going, pet it, feed it and cherish it for making my day instantly brighter.

The very first sip of a cold glass of milk in the morning makes me happy. A warm blanket and a big bowl of fruits on cold autumn nights in combination with my favorite series is an indulgent treat for my senses.

A wild, unexplored forest makes me want to run free, smell every flower and bathe in every spring and waterfall along the way. A long, exhausting and adventurous hike fills my soul with happiness and energy to reach the highest of peaks.

Searching for the perfect foodie corner and finding it after an hour and a half brings me satisfaction. Delicious and finger-licking food make me feel delighted I was gifted with an intensified sense of taste.

I am an aesthete. A beautiful landscape makes me grateful I am alive and capable of witnessing that exact moment. A remarkable scenery makes me want to capture that exact moment and freeze the time just, so I could rewind it later.

I experience a strangely remarkable sensation of freedom and serenity while riding a bike. The hot summer breeze flowing through my hair is a feeling I never want to end.

I enjoy walking in the rain. It makes me feel like I am invincible. Vulnerable, yet so indestructible. Fragile, yet so powerful. The drops of rain that soak into my skin fill my soul with strange peace of mind.

Seeing the beauty in the most usual parts of our everyday life is what excites me and makes me the happiest person alive.

To you, this may seem like something trivial and not worthy of mentioning, but to me, this is everything.

It is my whole wide world, it is my reason for existing, my motivation for moving forward, my inspiration for creating.

And believe me, as long as one has a balance of hedonism in their lives, hedonism can truly improve your life. When you stop rushing and focus on your surroundings, the things that make you happy, the things that make your soul flourish, you’ll realize that everything you did before was only surviving.

Idly waiting for those “perfect” moments, those weekends, those vacations, those paychecks, those free times, those raises… and what not.

When you stop to smell the flower, when you finally say yes to pursuing your desired career path, when you finally release yourself from the cage of “I have to” and get out of your comfort zone that is making you miserable, you’ll get to experience the metanoia I was telling you about.

Don’t mistake me for someone who looks at the world through pink lenses. Mine are multi-colored glasses.

Image: Joel Sossa

Stephanie Reeds