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The Love Of Your Life Will Be The Girl Who’s Afraid To Be Loved


Our true loves are not always who we expect them to be. Sure, it might be easier to start dating a girl who’s confident in love, but she won’t be the one. The girl that you’ll fall madly in love for will be far different than that, and you’ll adore her even more for it.

Trust me when I say that the hardest girls to love are the ones that are worth it. The love of your life will be the girl who’s afraid to be loved.

She Won’t Rush Into Things

Moving too fast is often the downfall of good relationships. If someone is driving the relationship to go too quickly, it could end up falling apart completely. You won’t have to worry about that with this girl.

She’ll take things slow. Her main goal at the beginning will be for you both to get to know each other deeply before moving onto anything else. You’ll learn the intricate details of each other’s lives and fall madly in love before ever moving in together, getting married, or even getting a pet together. When you do get around to those things, you’ll have a much stronger bond.

She’ll Put in Her Fair Share of Effort

A girl like that doesn’t just expect you to do all the work while she sits back doing nothing. She knows that if the relationship is going to work, she needs to put in some time and effort, and she’s more than willing to.

Don’t take her efforts for granted. Remember that you should always put in just as much effort as she does if you want the relationship to thrive. She’ll truly appreciate everything that you do for her and grow to love you even more for all the wonderful things that you do.

When both of you are doing your best for each other, your love will grow deeper with every new day. You’ll begin to find that being near one another is the best part of your days. Most of all, you’ll begin to realize that this was the love that you’ve always been searching for.

She’ll Love With Everything She’s Got

If a girl is afraid to be loved, then she won’t get into relationships easily. If she’s with you then that means that she sees something amazing in you that makes her brave enough to face her fears. She’ll be devoted to being with you and put everything that she’s got into making it work.

She’ll love you with her whole heart and nothing less. When you need her, she’ll be there for you. If you need space, she’ll give you that because she knows that sometimes she needs her space too. She’ll be your go-to person for guidance, company, and above all, love.

She may be guarded at first, but with time she’ll open up to you. Your love will blossom into something magical that you two will cherish forever. A girl like this will be your true love because she’ll know how to love you like no one else can.

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Eva Jackson