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The Inexplicable Pain Of Letting Go Of The One You Love The Most


You have fought fiercely to save your relationship. You have been rummaging through all your memories, desperately trying to find something that is worth saving. A reason to stay.

But, there were no answers. There was no hope left. There were no reasons for you to fight for your love anymore.

So, you decided to dodge the bullet and raise the white flag. You decided to say goodbye to your loved person. You broke the relationship, but you had a feeling that your partner was actually wanting the breakup. Because they didn’t fight for you.

If you experienced something like this, don’t blame yourself for letting go of someone you love. Don’t feel sorry for not holding on and choosing to walk away instead. Know that you did everything that you could. You loved them and cared about them with all your heart. And it is not your fault that you had to end the relationship.

Because you loved them, and they broke your heart. They took you for granted. They never cared about you and loved you with the same intensity as you did.  

I understand that you may still feel the pain lingering in your body, but it is normal to feel that way. Don’t restrict yourself from feeling all kind of emotions. Feel the pain, embrace it, and then release it. It will take some time, but you will be okay.

So, go on, grieve, be angry, taste the bitter taste of pain, swim in the river of your tears. Scream a little louder, cry some more, and bleed until you heal completely.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do everything that you can to help yourself heal so that you can open your heart for love again.

Because in the end, you have to make cut your heart open to be able to receive the love that you deserve.




Image:Sean McGrath

Mary Wright