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The Bitter And Painful Consequences Of Loving A Narcissist


One of the most horrible outcomes of a relationship with a narcissist is shattering a person’s dreams and hopes of ever finding true love.

This hurtful experience has the power to leave people completely lost and angry with the world.

Even those who feel like they have freed themselves from the toxicity of the abusive relationship, eventually face the aftershock of dating a narcissist.

They might have escaped the wicked claws of their narcissistic partner, but they still have a long way to go in order to fight away those merciless demons and haunting traumas inside their minds.

The consequences of loving a narcissist are grave.

A woman who loved a narcissist will have her self-esteem crushed to pieces.

She will be completely lost. Because a narcissistic person will do whatever it takes to suck her energy. A narcissist will put her down and make her feel useless, a f*cking nobody. She’ll lose all her hope for life and every dream she once had.

A woman who loved a narcissist will be left vulnerable and terrified.

The horrible consequences of loving a person who can’t even love himself will manifest in her fears. Fear of exposing her feeling once again, fear of being open, fear of experiencing disappointment, fear of failing.

She will lose her faith in everything she used to believe before he walked into her life.

A woman who loved a narcissist will never ever smile the same way before she met him.

 He will come into her life and make her regret her choices. He’ll force her to experience the darkest side of life. So, she’ll put a fake smile on her face and pretend like nothing ever happened. But, deep down it will still hurt.

A woman who loved a narcissist will now find it hard to see the good in people.

There was a time when she believed in love and a happily-ever-after, but now all she’s left with are the missing pieces of her broken heart.

She fell for the wrong guy and lost everything she once was. She lost faith in humankind.

A woman who got her heart destroyed by a narcissist will hesitate before she welcomes another man in her life.

 She’ll have a hard time opening to new people.

Because the haunting trauma of being overexposed to someone is still there. And it burns her entire soul. Even though she’s now on her own, she still suffers.

That’s exactly why a woman who loved a narcissist, will need a lot of reassurance in life.

She forgot what it feels like to love fearlessly, without having a single doubt. She forgot how to enjoy life and every beautiful thing that’s surrounding her. In her mind, the nightmare isn’t over.

That is why she’ll need you to constantly remind her that it’s okay. That her reality is no longer a nightmare. She’ll need to hear it, she’ll need you to open up to her and let her know that love does exist. And it can be found despite all the pain.

A woman who loved a narcissist will survive, but it won’t be easy.

She’ll need all the time in the world to heal her wounds. The process will be long and painful, and some won’t even try to understand her, but she’ll keep going forward.

She’ll hide her feelings and guard her soul like she never did before, but eventually, she’ll be okay. She’ll need some time away from the world to recover and get in touch with herself. She’ll need people who’ll be willing to be completely open with her.

She’ll need reassurance that there’s more to life than that horrible tragedy she experienced.

Most importantly, she’ll need a man who won’t be afraid to help her stand on her knees. Someone who won’t run away, but instead would be pleased to help her carry her heavy baggage.

A man who will roam the world if he needs to in order to find every missing piece of her heart and glue all the pieces together.

A man who will bring hope back to her life.

Image: SamAlive

Stephanie Reeds