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The Happiest Women Are Those Who Don’t Give Up Even When They Lose Faith

The Happiest Women Are Those Who Don’t Give Up Even When They Lose Faith

The happiest women are not the ones who have life figured out.

They are not the ones who have it all under control.

They’re not the ones who are happy all the time.

Don’t be mistaken.

These are women that have been through many thunderstorms, survived many breakdowns, dealt with many disappointments and experienced many failures. Women that have been to hell and back. Women that have been on the verge of giving up but decided to use their last bits of strength to get back on their feet and keep fighting. Women who have seen the worst, but always continued hoping for the best.

The happiest women are those who never give up, no matter how hard it is. These women never look back down, they never surrender. They are aware of how much they’re capable of. They’re aware of their worth and they walk confidently in the direction of their dreams. Still, this doesn’t mean that they don’t question their potential every now and then. They just don’t let fear control them.

The happiest women are those who work hard, no matter how many times they fall down. They are never discouraged by their failures, they seem them as stepping stones to success. They are not embarrassed to say that they need a break when they need it. Having a bit time off for themselves doesn’t mean that they’ve given up. It just means that they value themselves enough to find time to recharge.

The happiest women don’t need validation for their work. They work efficiently and quietly. They don’t like to brag and show off their achievements. Their victories are their own journeys. They don’t need attention. They don’t need the validation. And they don’t need to feel like they have to make someone proud of their skills. They work to impress only themselves.

The happiest women keep going forward even when their faith is lost. Even when their hearts are broken. Even when the hope is gone. Even when it feels like they’re not going to make it. Because there is a voice inside of them that doesn’t let them give up on the things they’ve always dreamed of. It keeps reminding them of their strength and determination. It keeps whispering to them that if they’ve come this far, they can do almost everything.  

The happiest women are those who believe in themselves even when the whole world turns their back on them.

Stephanie Reeds