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The Happiest Couples Are The Ones Who Have Been Through A Lot Of Struggles And Survived


Hey, you there.

Yes, I am talking to you.

Don’t let Disney and society convince you that true love is always calm, steady, simple, and passionate. Don’t let them fool you that real love is based on perfection. There is no such thing as perfection. Perfect relationships are the biggest illusion. There are no fairytale relationships were two people fall in love, agree on everything and spend the rest of their lives in each other’s blissful embrace.

No, no.

The happiest couples out there are not people who spend their whole life in the innocent, puppy love phase. They are not the ones who have never had a disagreement in their lives. They are not the ones whose relationship is nothing but sunshine, roses, pink skies, and rainbows.

The happiest couples out there are not always happy. Ask the ones you know.

These people have feelings just like the rest of us. And just like ours, their feelings change. Sometimes they get frustrated with each other. Sometimes they do not want to see each other. Sometimes they don’t feel like talking. And sometimes they let their anger take over them.

The happiest couples didn’t reach their level of happiness because their whole lives were nothing but milk and honey. They made it because they managed to overcome life challenges and learn from them. They did it because they let their disagreements shape them into the people they are today. They made it because each time they were faced with an obstacle, they learned another lesson. They are the happiest because they’ve been through a lot of struggles together, but each time they got out stronger and stronger.

The happiest couples don’t live on fantasy island. They have seen each other cry and they’ve made each other hurt. They’ve been into many intense arguments that went on for hours. They’ve been mad at each other for things that you cannot imagine. They’ve yelled at each other. They’ve even hated each other’s guts at times. But they have never passed the point of no return.

It’s not rocket science. These people have been through a lot of rough patches, but somehow, they survived them all. Do you know why? It’s simple.  Deep down, their desire to be together and love one another for eternity has always been stronger than everything else.

The happiest couple made it to the top because they are realists. They found their happiness because they are mature people who have decided that they want to be together. And with that, they’ve decided that they are willing to accept certain things about each other.

These people love each other, they respect one another, but they also know that they are only human. They fight, but they know how to reconnect. They cry, but they also know how to hug the pain away and make each other laugh again. They get mad at each other, but they also open their hearts to forgiveness.

Whatever they go through in life, they have complete trust in each other that they can overcome anything as long as they stick together.

That is the secret to their everlasting happiness.

Stephanie Reeds